Best Webinar Software for Nonprofits 2022

Are you looking for the best webinar software for your nonprofit organization? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the best webinar software options that are available on the market. We will also be providing a comparison chart to help make your decision easier.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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Why get webinar software for your non-profit?

Traditionally, people attending conferences, training sessions, or meetings had to travel to a particular location. With the COVID Pandemic and the transition to all-things-online, physical meetings and training are being replaced by webinars.

Big webinar company providers are emerged to take advantage of this shift with some notable ones such as Webinarjam and GoToWebinar – our usual top picks. However, in this list for non-profits, we didn’t include WebinarJam as their plans are too expensive.

Web-based seminars or webinars have become a major form of communication, especially when it comes to meetings, training, and conferences. Delivered as video conferences, webinars save both time and money, while improving the levels of engagement.

As with the education and business sectors, webinar software is equally important for nonprofit organizations. But before diving into this, what is Webinar Software?

What is a Webinar Software, though?

Webinar software refers to a tool that helps you host online meetings, discussions, and conferences. It allows you to manage the list of attendees and send them session login access codes and credentials. The tool is also useful in building an alliance among attendees and hosts through Q&A and chat conferences.

In a nutshell, the functions of webinar software include:

  • Authorize attendees via access codes and credentials.
  • Take notes of attendee opinions after each session.
  • Provide Q&A and chat interface between hosts and attendees.
  • Build an alliance or collaboration.
  • Host webinars on cloud.

So, what features make this possible?

I am going to list (and briefly explain) seven webinar software common features that your nonprofit organization should consider before procuring the software. This is very crucial!

  • Screen Sharing – Allows you broadcast your screen interface to your audience, to offer demos.
  • Video Streaming – Uses a webcam to stream live videos of all the participants, including hosts and attendees.
  • Slides Display – Shares your PPT (PowerPoint) files or presents them during a webinar session.
  • Hand Raising – Includes an option for raising your hand during the webinar session, allowing attendees to ask questions.
  • Mobile App – Allows webinar participants to use their smartphones to join webinar sessions.
  • Host Controls – Webinar sessions can have more than one host, and this feature allows one host to transfer presentation controls to another.
  • CTA – Allows hosts and attendees to interact in a chat and Q&A session, by providing feedback.

While these are common features among many webinars, you can add more functionalities based on your needs. This means that webinar software is customizable to suit your specific needs. As such, make sure you double check these features and their capabilities, to avoid disappointments during webinar sessions.

In my experience, not all webinar software is made equal. Some will bring frustrations with things such as complex dashboards, audio and video technical hitches, and limits of attendee numbers. These factors are significant to your audience’s experience, or you are going to lose all the help your nonprofit organization would get.

10 Best Webinar Software for Nonprofits

The 10 best webinar software featured in my list offer the best services you wish to get for your nonprofit. This includes expert knowledge and educational tools, all at an affordable price tag. They will help you build-up contacts, capture donors, and rank you as a thought-leader.

  1. Demio
  2. Adobe Connect
  3. Crowdcast
  4. WebinarNinja
  5. BlueJeans
  6. Cisco Webex
  7. ON24
  8. WebinarGeek
  9. Zoom
  10. GoToWebinar

So, what does each of these have to offer? We shall look into their features, pros and cons, as well as their pricing to help you understand them better.

Reviews of the 10 Best Webinar Software for Non-Profits

#1. Demio

Demio is the best webinar software platform you can find for non-profits in the market today that is effective and cost-efficient. Demio’s interface stands out and the company actually prides itself as a smart webinar solution with custom solutions for non-proits.

Co-founded in 2014 by David Abrams, it took the software founders two years to develop beta and launch it.

Demio, the best webinar sofrware for non-profits

Demio includes a striking interface, as well as a straightforward set-up process, and is very user-friendly. What’s even best, the platform is fully browser-based, meaning you do not need to download anything. The software prides itself as an elegant webinar platform, and is this claim true? Let us discuss the features the platform offers.

To begin with, the software offers robust tracking options such as retargeting, conversion pixels, and more. These functionalities can be added in the webinar room. Demio offers a wide browser support, including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. The platform also supports devices such as iOS, and Android.

It also offers automation rules that helps you divide your audience in real-time depending on their actions. Demio is beginner-friendly and nonprofit staff recognize the value of its wide-ranging automation tools. In terms of support, they offer 24/7 live chat, with an average response time of five minutes, detailed knowledge base, and is GDPR-compliant.


  • Great automation capabilities.
  • Intuitive design
  • Fully browser-based
  • Allows downloading of files
  • One-time registration for recurrent webinar series
  • Easy set-up process
  • Up to fifteen event coordinators
  • Excellent support
  • GDPR compliance


  • High price tag for 50+ participants
  • No smooth way to manage Q&A

Demio Pricing

Founded in 2014, Demio is a webinar software that offers a free demo and three pricing tiers, billed monthly each. Its pricing plans start from $49/m for a webinar holding fifty participants. This entry level plan leans towards small events, plus limited branding options.

The other two plans cost $99/m and $234/m for 150 contributors and 500 attendees, simultaneously.

#2. Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect Webinar, the 2nd best webinar solution for charities

Second on our list of 2020 best webinars for non-profits is Adobe Connect which had a stable release in 2018. A product of Adobe Systems, it is an all-in-one webinar solution for marketers, which can be fine-tuned to fit the needs for nonprofits. It offers open chats, polls HD video, and surveys that you can use to engross and enlighten prospects.

The platform allows you to create registration pages, automate invitations and reminders, as well as follow-ups. This is especially important for nonprofits wishing to engage their contributors. You can also use Adobe Connect to track audience participation and engagement, plus lead sources.


  • Robust analytics and reporting for optimizing digital experiences
  • HD video and audio support
  • Events optimization
  • Collective offstage area for presenters
  • 30 days free trial
  • Unlimited monthly or annual webinar events
  • Includes VoIP and cloud storage


  • More marketing oriented

Adobe Connect Pricing

The webinar platform offers two billing options monthly and annually. The monthly package has three options: Webinar Manager at $130/m, Webinar Manager 500 at $470/m, and Webinar 1000 at $580/m, with unlimited events at 100, 500, and 1,000 seats each, simultaneously.

The annual package has three options with similar details as the monthly package, but different prices, billed at $1,250/yr, $4,500/yr, and $5,500/yr, simultaneously. Adobe Connect also offers a 30 days free webinars hosting.

#3. Crowdcast

Crowdcast is the third best webinar software solutions for charities in 2020. Founded in 2014, Crowdcast has made a name as the most engaging and user-friendly live streaming experience on the webinar software market. It is a browser-based webinar platform, meaning you do not need to download and install complex software. 

Crowdcast webinar for non-profits

Crowdcast comes in handy when building interactive webinars and online meetings that scale your nonprofit needs. It offers an easy platform to engage with participants through time-stamped Q&A, polls, and live chat.

The webinar platform also keeps a record of advanced data and stats concerning your audience and events. Its set-up is straightforward and has a user-friendly interface for improved and seamless performance.


  • Ability to announce casts in advance
  • Robust features
  • High-quality live streaming
  • Quality customer support
  • Interactive functions
  • Option to accept payments
  • Event customization


  • Limited to the Google Chrome browser
  • Lacks direct API access for events creation and deletion

Crowdcast Pricing

The webinar platform offers both a free trial and a free plan, plus three premium packages that start at $49/m, with the Business plan priced at $139/m. Crowdcast pricing is straightforward and depends on how many live webinar attendees you have.

#4. WebinarNinja

Behind Crowdcast, the 4th best webinar software you can choose for your non-profit today is WebinarNinja.

Webinarninja for non profits

Launched in 2015, WebinarNinja is another all-in-one webinar platform that is easy to create and customize. The platform allows you to customize email notifications and registration pages. Being a browser-based platform, participants do not need to download and install any software.

WebinarNinja comes with a mobile app to let you participate in webinar sessions while on-the-go, and it’s also compatible with desktops. The webinar platform allows you to run a series of live and automated webinars, and provides webinar analytics.

In terms of customer support, WebinarNinja is excellent and offers both recorded and live help, plus detailed documentation.


  • User-friendly
  • Mobile app
  • Compatible with major devices
  • Quality support
  • Free plan and trial
  • Straightforward pricing
  • Browser-based


  • Mixed customer reviews

WebinarNinja Pricing

WebinarNinja offers four pricing tiers that include a free trial, starting at $39/m for Starter, Pro at $79/m, Plus at $129/m, and Power at $199/m. That price is billed annually, and includes 100, 300, 500, and 1,000 live webinar attendees.

#5. BlueJeans

Bluejeans webinar for non-profits since 2009

Bluejeans is another great webinar tool you can use for events in your non-profit organization today. Launched in 2009, BlueJeans is referred to as the conference platform for the current workplace. The webinar platform integrates video, audio, and web conferencing using collaboration tools.

BlueJeans ranks among the first cloud services to be compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, plus room systems in a single video meeting. As such, the platform facilitates speedy sessions and is user-friendly to make your nonprofit organization more productive.

In terms of customer support, BlueJeans offers decent support to make sure you have a seamless experience with their software.


  • Intuitive design
  • User-friendly
  • Great experience and functionality
  • Compatibility with mobile and desktop devices
  • Screen sharing plus other robust features
  • Easy and quick event scheduling


  • Limited number of video participants
  • Limited audio control

BlueJeans Pricing

BlueJeans offers three pricing packages, including Standard at $9.99/m/host, Pro at $13.99/m/host, and Enterprise (call their support for price information). The tiers support up to 50, 75, and 100 participants, simultaneously.

#6. Cisco Webex

Cisco’s Webex made it to this list of best webinar solutions for 501(3c) organizations, coming 6th. Commonly known as just Webex, it was founded in 1995 before its purchase in 2007 by Cisco Systems. The webinar platform is a fantastic option for team collaboration that offers excellent performance. Everything you need, from video meetings and audio calls to screen sharing, there is a lot to achieve for your nonprofit.

With Webex, you can host up to 3,000 webinar participants using HD streaming quality, and has an intuitive and user-friendly design. To allow on-the-go webinar participation, the platform offers a mobile app, and can hold up to 40k participants.

Cisco webex solution for non-profits

Webex has a straightforward set-up process, and comes with features such as live chat support, analytics, branded invitations, polling, and Q&A. You can also record your events. Cisco offers nonprofits a range of wireless and wired networking hardware products to build an operational network within their organizations.


  • Team collaboration tool
  • Mobile app
  • Nonprofits specific hardware
  • Up to 40k attendees
  • Live chat support
  • Robust features
  • User-friendly
  • Free plan


  • Great functionality at a high price tag
  • Focus on team collaboration

Cisco Webex Pricing

Cisco Webex offers a free plan that can host up to 100 attendees, with most of its features available. Its Starter plan costs $14.95/m ($13.50/m billed yearly), Plus at $19.95/m (17.95/m billed annually), and Business at $29.95/m ($26.95/m billed yearly), all plans per host.

The plans host up to 50 participants, 100 participants, and 200 participants per meeting, simultaneously. 

#7. ON24

Despite not being popular like the others on this list ON24 is another webinar solution favorite for non-profit organizations. ON24 is a webinar solution that was founded in 1998 which is now focusing on redefining improving webinar platform experiences. The platform stands out as the most innovative solution for creating and delivering engaging and data-rich experiences for increased productivity.

ON24 webinar for non-profits

You can use its Engagement Hub as a central point to create, manage, and deliver multimedia content for your audience. What’s even best, nonprofits can use ON24 Target to create customized landing pages for their specific attendees, and much more.

As you would imagine, ON24 has excellent and reliable customer support to make sure you are satisfied with their product.


  • Real-time analytics
  • Straightforward set-up and registration process
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Reliable and available
  • Great customization options


  • Hitches with slide upload and replacement

ON24 Pricing

Unfortunately, ON24 does not provide this information on its pricing site. It states that it offers a variety of pricing packages, without giving the specifics. If you would like to know more about this, contact their support staff and you will be briefed accordingly.

#8. WebinarGeek

WebinarGeek is among the great webinar software solutions you can choose for your non-profit as they offer special offers for NGOs. To get the special offer for non-profits, you can chat with them and share details of your organization here.

Founded in 2015 by Gilles Bertaux, WebinarGeek is yet another all-in-one webinar software with a user-friendly interface. The platform comes with robust interaction and marketing tools, which are useful for a nonprofit organization.

Webinargeek solution for non-profits

This browser-based webinar solution stands out as the most reliable and secure platform that aims at easiness. Notable WebinarGeek features include event management, live chat, Q&A, notifications, reports and analytics, social media marketing, and screen sharing.

Customer support is available via documentation, and the helpdesk during business hours.


  • Low-priced
  • User-friendly
  • Automated webinars
  • Browser-based
  • GDPR compliant
  • Robust features
  • Reports and analytics


  • Mild delay between interactions
  • Average customer support

WebinarGeek Pricing

The webinar platform is fairly priced and also includes a free trial on all its three pricing tiers. The Starter plan costs $12/m with 25 live attendees/webinar (plus 50GB monthly bandwidth), Premium at $38/m with over 25 live audience/webinar (plus 250GB monthly bandwidth). For their Advanced plan, contact their helpdesk for information.

#9. Zoom

Prior to the 2020 Pandemic, Zoom was only known to a few but we already had it on this list as one of the best webinar tools with free recording for non-profits. To provide relief for non-profits working remotely due to Covid-19 pandemic, it has removed the 40-limit for non-profits as reported by Business Insider here.

Founded in 2011 by Eric Yuan, Zoom is yet another webinar platform that has gained fame along notable names like Netflix, Uber, and more. It has a reputation for a wide range of useful features, overall stability, and striking performance.

So far, Zoom webinar call breaks the industry record out of the major video conferencing platforms, with the ability to host 500 people in a single call, simultaneously. What’s even best is that the webinar platform offers most of its basic features at no cost. For instance, you will not be charged if you host below 100 attendees for less than 40 minutes.

Zoom for Non-profits

Zoom comes with outstanding video conferencing features, such as screen sharing, group and private chats, plus M4A or MP4 recording. Premium features include personal subdomain, analytics, and cloud storage for your recordings. It also supports major devices and browsers, as well as upgraded operating systems (OS).


  • Free app sharing
  • Excellent functionality
  • Compatible with major devices, OS, and browsers
  • Robust features
  • Simultaneous screen sharing for multiple participants
  • Cloud storage for recordings
  • Live chat support
  • Stability and performance


  • Clouding navigation
  • Average-performing hardware

Zoom Pricing

Zoom offers a free plan that allows up to 100 attendees, but does not include cloud recording storage. There are three premium plans: Pro costs $14.99/m (100 attendees), Business at $19.99/m (300 attendees), and Enterprise at $19.99/m (500 attendees). 

The Pro and Business plans have 1GB cloud recording storage, while the Enterprise plan has unlimited cloud recording storage.

#10. GoToWebinar

The last on this list of top webinar solutions for NGOs is GoToWebinar. Launched in 2004, GoToWebinar is yet another valuable webinar software platform for nonprofits. It is also among the pioneers of webinar tools.

The webinar platform has a reputation for both reliability and stability, unlike some other options on the webinar market. GoToWebinar has been the customer’s webinar solution choice, and it powers millions of webinars annually.

It uses reliable technology, and while it has an outdated interface, it is user-friendly and offers a great experience when hosting webinars. If you are looking for a webinar solution with the ability to host 5000 attendees, GoToWebinar might be a fantastic choice. But this does not come at a cheap price, it is costly.

GoToWebinar allows you to include a survey for the audience and monitor the webinar statistics in real-time. You can also use the webinar platform’s pre-made templates to create custom email invitations, reminders, and confirmations.

The platform includes useful mobile apps, integrations, and analytics you require to interact with your audience and build personal relationships for your nonprofit. It also includes an option for accepting donations.


  • Topnotch video and audio quality
  • Integrations
  • Real-time statistics
  • Excellent functionality
  • 5000 attendees in a single room
  • Robust technology
  • User-friendly
  • Strong client base
  • Divides your audience using breakout rooms


  • High price tag
  • Outdated interface and design
  • Average customer support
  • Not browser-based (requires download)

GoToWebinar Pricing

The platform offers four pricing tiers, including Lite, Pro, Plus, and Enterprise, plus a 7-day trial. The Lite plan costs $89.00/m (100 participants), Pro at $199.00/m (500 attendees), Plus at $429.00/m (2000 participants), and Enterprise at $429.00/m (5000 participants).

4 Best Webinar Recording Software 2022

In this post, I have reviewed the 4 best webinar recording software available in the market today.

Best Webinar Software Tools for Recording 2022 Reviews

ezTalks Webinar

EzTalks Webinar is the overall best webinar recording software in the market in 2020. That is essential because it offers all the essential tools you would need to host your webinar with confidence that your audience will be highly responsive. The platform offers state-of-the-art video communication services. What’s more, you won’t need to pay a dime to get started on the platform. Nevertheless, they do also offer paid packages in their catalog. For live webinars, you have the option to record your webinars in the cloud and play it for your audiences later. To cap it all off, you get 1GB free storage on the free plan. 

ezTalk webinar recording

Eztalks Pricing Overview

Starting From:$12.99 / 

Pricing Model: Freemium, Subscription

Starter: Free, a maximum of 100 participants, 40 minutes per meeting maximum, and more.

Professional: Starts at $12.99/month per host, with all starter features, plus 24/7 customer support, reporting, and more.

Enterprise: Offers all the professional plan features with a 10,000 participant’s limitation. The pricing is customized per client and you will need to contact them to learn how your plan will be priced.

EzTalks also offers an audio add-on plan which enables clients to join free of charge using the toll-free number. 

eztalk pricing

If you would like to know more about EzTalks’ pricing, you can take a look at their page here:

To get started on ezTalks, you can easily use your email to sign up or use Facebook/Google to login after initially signing up for the latter. Using EzTalks’ services, you can hold meetings, video webinars, rooms, and audio conferences and it features custom solutions for your video conferencing. Through these services, you can efficiently enhance the productivity of your brand, particularly with the features that EzTalks has to offer.

Who is EzTalks for?

EzTalks is mostly used by Startups, businesses, and individuals in their day-to-day communication and advertisement needs.


  • High Definition audio and video
  • Screen and file sharing
  • Meeting control
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Instant messaging
  • Video webinars
  • Available on desktop and mobile.
  • Offers on-premise solution

Eztalks also features a very comprehensive client support service. To contact them, you can use live chat, telephone, or email. To top it all off, they provide support 24/7.

Pros & Cons


  • Reasonable pricing compared to its competitors
  • Offers a free plan featuring multiple premium features
  • Impressive features catalog
  • Low-cost software


  • The Participant Permissions feature on EzTalks has been evaluated to be at 100% below the industry average

Zoom Webinar Recording

If what you are looking for is the powerful webinar software that enables you to hold your webinar with up to 100 video participants, then Zoom could be the ideal choice for you. Zoom Webinar Recording is my second best webinar recording software that you can depend on for automated recording for all the webinar/meeting sessions you use on the app. Its easily accessible and straightforward platform design allows clients to host their live virtual events with audiences ranging from 100 to 10,000. 

zoom webinar with recording

Zoom Pricing Overview

Starts From: $14.99 per Month

Pricing Model: Freemium, Subscription

You can also make full use of its exclusive dual-screen support enabling you to see the participants and the presentation simultaneously. What’s more, admin options on Zoom will allow you to mute or unmute your panelists, record your live video, take polls, and integrate with the CRM among many more premium features. As a bonus, you can also broadcast your event on YouTube and Facebook Live to access a bigger audience for your webinar.

Cloud Recording by Zoom

Zoom cloud recording

Local Recording

Zoom local recording

Pros & Cons


  • Compared to others its pricing is reasonable
  • Offers a free plan with multiple advanced features for startups and individuals on a budget
  • Extensive and impressive features list
  • Very low-cost software
  • Dual-screen support

Check out Zoom’s pricing here.

GoTo Webinar Recording

GoToWebinar is the third-best recording webinar software you can choose from. GoToWebinar is a trusted leader as a reliable webinar tool hosting over 2.7 million webinars a year and each webinar event supports up to 3,000 participants.

Gotowebrinar software with recording

If you live in the United States, you will have access to an additional package: The GoToWebinar Lite.

GoToWebinar Pricing Overview

GoToWebinar Lite is the cheapest package on GoTo Webinar and it costs $59 / month.

However, you will only be able to host webcasts as “Standard events” are not included in the package. That essentially means you will not be able to host webinars on the GoToWebinar Lite package.

If you are getting this webinar solution just for its recording feature, you can read how to record with GoToWebinar on their website here.

You will have to subscribe to the “Standard package” to host webinars (with a maximum of 250 attendees). That will cost you $129 / month. The Standard package will also not include:

  • Automated webinars
  • Source tracking
  • Video Editor
  • Transcripts
  • Certificates

Established in 2003, GoTo Webinar is one of the oldest of webinar software in the market and has been used to make millions of webinars every year. Most of its users have, however, stick around simply out of habit. You have to ask though, with all the advanced webinar software available out there, is GoTo Webinar still an impressive choice?

GoToMeeting is a sister product of the GoToWebinar platform. While both are practically video meeting platforms, they are designed to be used for different procedures. GoToWebinar is designed for hosting one-way communication webinars. Here the host has to do all the talking. On the other hand, GoToMeeting is designed to carry out multi-way video meetings. Here everyone is allowed to use their microphone to speak in the meeting call. While they are designed for slightly different purposes, the two sister software features some similarities in functioning as well.

With its unwieldy webinar interface, its multiple shortcomings, and failure to provide some important webinar features, I would say GoTo Webinar is overpriced.

However, its upside is that you get a 7-day trial. With that, you get to enjoy even the premium features on the platform.


Pros & Cons


  • Its Desktop app for both the host and attendee allows the connection to be stable and reliable
  • Can also host webcasts
  • GoToMeeting software is also included
  • Plenty of simultaneous organizers are availed in the software
  • Various drawing tools available
  • Provides post-webinar feedback surveys
  • Non-personal customer support
  • Attentiveness tracking during the live webinar
  • Abundant and robust webinar analytics and exports
  • Can trim & edit the webinar recording


  • Having to download the app to join a webinar is quite inconvenient to most attendees
  • There are almost no customization features available on the webinar registration page
  • Limited customization for reminder emails
  • The clunky user interface in the live webinar
  • Cannot upload slides, have to screen share
  • No public chat
  • You cannot manage the attendees’ viewing experience
  • Expensive

WebEx Webinar Recording

WebEx webinar solutions is another great webinar software with recording feature that allows you to host  3000 participants for large meetings and corporate events. They have provided all the details of webinar recording hon their website here.

Webex webinar with recording

WebEx Pricing Overview

WebEx, like most other webinar recording software on this list, offers a free 7-day trial. With this trial, you can test the platform’s efficiency and choose to subscribe to its enterprise packages or not.

WebEx offers 3 enterprise pricing packages:

  • Cisco WebEx Premium 8 – At $24 for each user per month  or $19/user per month (for an annual subscription) Which features:
  1. Up to 8 people per meeting
  2. Unlimited meetings
  • Cisco WebEx Premium 25  – At $39 for each user per month or $29 per user per month (for the annual subscription)
  • Cisco WebEx Premium 100 – At $69/ user per month

Ranking high on my catalog is Cisco WebEx Webinar Recording software. That is primarily because it features a horde of features suitable for making a webinar in 2020. Often described as one of the most flexible audio and video conferencing tools, Cisco WebEx is designed to suit businesses of all sizes. WebEx is a very popular web conferencing tool that seamlessly integrates all the primary tools enabling users to conduct meetings online; data, voice, and video. 

Availing its services in several different plans with each plan offering a definite capacity of work and meeting space, Cisco WebEx boasts the unique capability to host multiple meetings while seamlessly providing its users with a premium real-time experience.

The Cisco WebEx web conferencing tool also comes highly recommended for large-scale product promotions and learning sessions. That’s essential because it features high-quality broadcast audio, conference calls, and a premium teleconferencing system that allows the user to establish an efficient team workspace. This enhances group cooperation and brainstorming, which in turn reflects incompetent services. WebEx is also a stable platform for hosting meetings since it seamlessly integrates with most primary productivity tools.

Cisco WebEx boasts a feature named the WebEx Meeting Center that is designed to make it much more straightforward for its users to schedule, start, or conduct meetings. To conduct an online meeting on WebEx, the user should have a valid subscription on a hosting account as the meeting’s presenter. When scheduling an online meeting, a WebEx user can easily prepare an invitation via Microsoft Outlook and the schedule(s) will be loaded onto Cisco WebEx’s system by clicking on the “Add WebEx Meeting” tab appearing in Microsoft Outlook.

The only information the host or presenter needs to invite audiences to the online meeting is their email addresses. What’s more, the attendees can choose to join via their phones, computers, or video call systems. The tool also enables users to instantaneously switch from one device to the other while the online meeting is still ongoing. The WebEx Meeting Center also helps in facilitating easy access to the meetings, which makes the attendees more active.

Cisco WebEx also features its own Training Center through which maximum collaboration with the attendees is enriched. With this feature, the webinar tool will automatically set up a screen view depending on the file type in use. For example, if a PowerPoint Presentation is running, the screen view will show a slide presentation availing all of the necessary controls for the PowerPoint presentation. If a video file is playing, the screen view will load up a video presentation with all the video control features available to the user.

On WebEx, the attendees can be allowed to edit shared files if they have been assigned with the role or privilege that allows them to offer annotations in real-time to the files. The feature greatly enhances brainstorming in a live discussion on defined topics.

Another premium feature of the Cisco WebEx webinar recording tool is its Event Center. With this feature, a user can schedule and conduct events with a maximum capacity of 3,000 attendees. An evident element of this feature is that invitations, as well as its registration site, are customizable. Users can also conduct events interactively since the software allows screen sharing, polling, Q&A, and chat. The feature allows the user to efficiently promote their product and business to a larger audience.

Pros and Cons


  • Chat and Brainstorming Tools
  • High-Quality Video Conferencing
  • Large catalog of Webinar creation features
  • Straightforward application and File Sharing
  • Seamless Multimedia Content Sharing
  • Call Sharing


  • A little expensive for individuals and startup companies on a budget

Best Recording Webinar Guide 2022

Reasons for Recording a Webinar

A webinar is much more than just a virtual seminar. It is also a lead magnet, an ingenious way to communicate with your customers, and a valuable lesson tool among a horde of other unique advantages. People record webinars for a horde of different reasons. A webinar is hosted live, pre-recorded & aired live, or created as an on-demand webinar. 

Live webinars are an excellent tool to reach your target audience quickly and convert them into customers. Below are a few of the most common reasons for recording a webinar:

  • Making an emotional bond with your audience: 

When talking to someone about a product, people would rather talk in person instead of speaking to them on a phone. That is because as human beings, we appreciate physical presence. Words on a web page are fine, and images still pack a punch. However, live videos have proven to be much more effective than other marketing options. Building an emotional bond is a marketing strategy that all giant companies must master, and what better way to do it than with a live webinar?

  • Answering important audience questions in real-time

People prefer to have their questions answered immediately, and this is an opportunity afforded by live webinars. You let the prospects tell you what is in their heads instead of scrupling with analytics or guessing. That way, you can improve the transparency and credibility of your brand. With live webinars, the audience is sure you are not preparing branding statements, but rather communicating honestly to them. 

  • Building trust with repeat attendees

To scale up, you will need to foster brand loyalty. For a client to be loyal to your brand, they have to have a true connection with your brand. As you continue recording and sharing your webinars, you might realize that there are a few individuals that attend your webinars without fail. It is a good idea to keep their names at your fingertips and give them shout outs while recording your webinars. Rapport will gradually grow between you and such fans, translating to more sales, and even better, you have brand ambassadors.

How to Record a Webinar

Do you want to learn how to record a webinar and make it a high-quality video? I will guide you through the process of making your first webinar and also show you how to share your content with others. Below are the steps you should follow when creating your webinar:

  1. Download a Screen Recorder

The first step in recording your webinar is downloading screen recorder software like Screenflow. Screenflow is one of my favorite screen recording tools because of the versatility it offers as a video and image capture tool. However, I found Camtasia to be better equipped with powerful video editing tools. With either of these tools, you can record and also enhance your video after recording.

  1. Set up Your Recording

Workflow is very similar in the webinar recording software sampled below. I will use Camtasia to walk you through the process of setting up your recording. Begin by opening a browser and navigating to your preferred webinar. Then in Camtasia, select the “Video” tab.

Select the area on your screen you would like to capture using the crosshairs that appear after pressing the “Record” button. You can use the handles on the edges of the selected region to adjust the capture area after you are done drawing your selection area. 

Make sure to have system audio turned on in the video toolbar, as it means the webinar will capture your computer’s sound. In the rare scenario that you want your voice captured in the webinar, make sure you have the microphone icon enabled as well.

  1. Record the Webinar

When you are done setting up your recording, hit the record button and your screen recorder will give you a countdown (usually 3 seconds) to begin your webinar. Be careful not to switch tabs, windows or applications while your webinar is still running. That is because your screen recorder is recording everything that happens in the selected area. 

After the webinar ends, you can finish recording by hitting “Stop”. You can also control the recorder using hotkeys:

  • For windows users, you can press Shift + F9 to pause and resume the recording and Shift + F10 to stop the recording. 
  • For Mac users, you can press Control-Shift-Space to Pause/Resume, and Control-Shift-V to stop the recording. 

As soon as you stop your recording, Camtasia will open the file in its editor.

  1. Edit and Save

From the editor, you can preview your entire video, cut out all the unwanted sections, and take screenshots from the video. 

After editing the recording, you can choose to share it on popular social media platforms and popular video destinations like YouTube, Google Drive, and Dropbox. You can also save the video files locally in MP4 format. 

WebinarJam Alternatives & (Vs Gotowebinar vs Everwebinar vs webinarninja)

This post is a review of Webinarjam alternatives and I have also provided a helpful comparison of Webinarjam vs other alternatives namely:

  1. Webinarjam Vs Everwebinar
  2. Webinarjam Vs Livestorm
  3. Webinarjam Vs Webinarninja
  4. Webinarjam Vs Zoom
  5. Webinarjam Vs GoToWebinar
  6. Webinarjam Jamcast
  7. Webinarjam Kartra

Webinarjam Alternatives

There are eight main Webinarjam alternatives in the market today in 2022 namely;

  1. Everwebinar
  2. Livestorm
  3. Webinarninja
  4. Zoom
  5. Gotowebinar
  6. Jamcast
  7. Kartra

WebinarJam Vs Everwebinar

WebinarJam and Everwebinar serve almost similar functions as Everwebinar has a direct integration with WebinarJam only that it (WebinarJam) is sold separately. As a matter of fact, there are only slightly minimal differences in the services that the webinar hosting companies provide.

For starters, while WebinarJam provides an ‘always on’ option that enables their users to instantaneously connect to their attendees and present their webinars. On the other hand Everwebinar has a just in time service that lets you create and run a webinar session in a couple of minutes.

Also, while WebinarJam relies on a server-based platform to enable seamless running of its operations, Everwebinar does not need servers to run its services but instead offers web hosting services as an alternate service.

WebinarJam Vs Livestorm

With regards to the pricing, Livestorm is much preferred to WebinarJam as it is much cheaper. WebinarJam costs $499 for a year while Livestorm costs a minimum $39 a month, which translates to $468 in a year. This means that Livestorm offers friendlier prices while offering relatively the same prices.

In addition, the webinar hosting platform product features between Livestorm and WebinarJam in that, Livestorm supports HD Audio while WebinarJam does not. In retrospect, WebinarJam has advanced presentation tools while Livestorm does not offer presentation tools in there webinar service provision.

Furthermore, the webinar hosting services also differ in their user training and accommodation protocols. Livestorm invests in offering personalized training to its users such that they would be well versed in its usage while WebinarJam does not engage in-person training to their users.

WebinarJam Vs Webinarninja

WebinarJam has a relatively admirable pricing plan as compared to Webinarninja. WebinarJam charges a $499 fee annually for their basic plan while Webinarninja charges $49 per month which translates to $588 annually for its cheapest plan. Nonetheless, user ratings indicate that Webinarninja has a myriad of additional features as compared to WebinarJam.

Also, although both webinar hosting platforms have a 24/7 customer support, Webinarninja has a much responsive and versatile customer support system than WebinarJam. This means that Webinarninja is able to reach its users and provide the guidance that the client needs.

More so, while WebinarJam does not have a customizable branding set up, Webinarninja has customizable branding features that enable the user to create an ultimate branding environment in the webinars. In addition, Webinarninja offers a personalized training service where WebinarJam does not.

WebinarJam Vs Zoom

WebinarJam and Zoom webinar hosting platforms both have various advantages that suit different customer needs. They are both great platforms that support solo entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses as well as large businesses that require a huge online presence.

Nonetheless, Zoom hosting platform is much advantageous over WebinarJam with regards to their pricing packages. While WebinarJam charges $499 annually for their basic plan, Zoom charges a mere $12.49 per month. This high difference in the pricing enables Zoom to capture a significant number of users who are trying to cut costs during start – up.

However, this means that WebinarJam offers a tad more of webinar tools and features that Zoom does not provide. For instance; Zoom does not indicate any alerts or notifications that will inform the user that there is an activity being conducted within the webinar hosting platform.

Further, WebinarJam has a carefully crafted event management system when hosting webinars whereas Zoom does not. More so, it does not offer on – demand webinars such that users can be able to create and cast webinars whenever they want.

In addition, Zoom does not incorporate an analytic tool that could be able to process reports and even facilitate polls and surveys that would be helpful to the user. To put the final nail on the coffin, Zoom does not create a social media promotion platform such that its users can be able to directly share their webinar videos on social media.

All in all, while Zoom might offer relatively attractive pricing packages for their webinar hosting services, it is not the ideal platform given the array of tools and features that WebinarJam’s basic features offer. Arguably, WebinarJam beats Zoom in this prospectus.

WebinarJam Vs Gotowebinar

When considering the webinar hosting platform to use for your webinars, both WebinarJam and GoToWebinar are great hosting tools that could enable you to deliver high end webinar functions. Even so, if you are looking to create a professional impression, WebinarJam is just the tool for you.

WebinarJam is arguably better at live streaming services as compared to GoToWebinar which requires you to download a webinar client beforehand.  This makes it difficult for clients using Mac to be able to join in the webinar sessions with ease.

In fact, most clients report to have problems connecting to live webinar sessions when the user is using GoToWebinar. WebinarJam connects you directly to the webinar regardless of the device you are using because of its high flexibility as well as they host their webinars themselves.

However, WebinarJam does not have a well-established analytic tool which is inconvenient when collecting data regarding the webinar. The analytic tool available in WebinarJam does not offer direct information regarding the source of your traffic whereas GoToWebinar offers you a detailed analysis of your traffic.

WebinarJam Jamcast

Perhaps WebinarJam’s Jamcast is its best feature yet when considering connectivity to social media platforms. The Jamcast lets you connect automatically to Youtube Live, Facebook Live, and within WebinarJam’s private network.

The webinar sessions can be viewed from three different platforms simultaneously thus capturing a wider target market than using the webinar hosting platform only. Also, you might want to consider sieving through your feedback options that arise from the Jamcast tool in that you will b able to get a relative feel of the general mood of the clients regarding the presentations.

Unlike most webinar hosting platforms, WebinarJam’s jam cast automatically updates and streams your live webinars in your selected social media outlets such that clients who do not have access to the webinar can also get the video seminar session directly via other platforms.

Nonetheless, this feature does not allow the clients to interact directly with the hosting presenters as it provides a one way upload link such that any feedback cannot reach the source of the video uplink. Clients can then only leave comments as to their thoughts on the webinar rather than directly interact with you as they would when connecting via WebinarJam’s platform.

WebinarJam Kartra

Kartra is a very powerful online sales and marketing tool that helps expand businesses into higher levels. As it happens, WebinarJam can be linked with Kartra in a mutually beneficial relationship such that there would be higher traffic flow within the webinar than otherwise.

If you had asked me earlier on, linking two software together can be quite the challenge as it involves careful consideration of every feature paradigm such that they would not conflict. Some of you might acknowledge that it is a frustrating process. Surprisingly, Kartra and WebinarJam have a sort of perfect collaboration that is also easy to set up.

WebinarJam supports various affiliate programs and Kartra is on the top of the list. More so, the two software have carefully set instructions that simplify the whole process for you. It does not even matter whether you have a separate account for each platform as the integration process is seamless.

In any case, the benefits of linking up the two platforms cannot be underestimated:

  • Webinars can be used as a saleable product with Kartra – Even though WebinarJam allows you to charge a specified fee for access to specific webinars, Kartra can simplify and amplify the process by running a free sales platform that advertises the benefits of accessing the webinar services that you provide. It also gives you access to Kartra’s shopping cart features
  • Customizable emails – Kartra enables you to successfully customize tagged emails via its tagging feature which is applicable to the webinar registrants and attendees. While WebinarJam has an email response system that lets you respond to specific actions, Kartra lets the user tag the specific attendants and registrants such that specific actions taken have a customized email that prompts their reactions to the webinar
  • In addition, integrating Kartra with WebinarJam allows the user to have an awesome registration page which allows you simply set up a registration form that will allow an easier and more fun registration process
  • Webinar promotion with affiliate programs – Kartra also offers credible affiliate programs that enable you to attract clients even when holding free WebinarJam events by creating a sales offer at the end of the webinar

The integration of WebinarJam and Kartra can also be useful in creating collections that could be sold as part of a package deal. What happens is that while WebinarJam creates an automatic video conversion process, these recordings can be compiled to create a series that could be uploaded to Kartra’s membership site. The compilations are then sold via Kartra’s site and consequently, create more income for you

You can read our full review of Webinarjam here or read our comparison of the best webinar software in 2022.

Webinarjam Review and Full Guide

About WebinarJam

Webinarjam was founded in November 2013 by three businessmen who saw the need for an easy-to-use webinar solution. Since then the trio hasn’t looked back. It is based in La Jolla, California, and owned by an LLC called Genesis Digital. Webinarjam made it to our list of best webinar tools in 2020 and you can read the comparison with other alternatives here.

webinarjam homepage

In 2020, 7 years on, Webinarjam is now one of the best-selling webinar software solutions you can find in the market.  Webinarjam has a team of six full-time senior directors and a large team of developers and customer support associates. In our 2020 list of best webinar software, Webinarjam came top ahead of other alternatives such s Everwebinar, Zoom, Demio, and GotoWebinar, among others.

Is Webijam any good? 

Webinar is great if you want to reach a large number of people, 500+ as they’ve put a lot of thought into how to sell it right online. It promises to have almost all solutions for everyone. You can design your own landing pages and have a number of editing options that allow you to change color, fonts etc. 

who owns webinarjam: It is owned by Genesis LLC, a company that was registered the same year Webinarjam was founded, 2013. According to Crunchbase, Genesis Digital has between 101 and 250 employees but we couldn’t determine if all of them are engaged/employed with Webinarjam. 

Number of users: Webinarjam has over 30k users 

How Webinarjam Works

It is essential for you the Webinarjam user to understand how Webinajam works to enhance your smoothness experience with the software solution. We discuss how your pause webinar, how to use its automated webinar, how to download the software, how to record with it, and how you request to speak when using Webinarjam. Also, we discuss the Webinarjam API key, its addon, its app, and its chat feature.

How to download videos from WebinarJam

There are three different approaches in which you can use to download videos using WebinarJam:

Method 1

  • First access your browser then access the link and find the video webinar that you would like to download. Once accessed, copy the video URL link associated to the preferred video
  • After copying the video URL of the preferred video, go to Dovideo Online Video Downloader and paste the copied URL link into the address bar. Click the download button to download the video webinar
  • Dovideo presents a pop – up download list with different download resolutions from which you can choose from. After choosing your preferred video resolution, you only have to right-click on this video and click on the ‘save as’ button, after which the download is then completed.

Method 2

  • First access WebinarJam by typing then find your preferred video and copy the video URL at the address bar
  • Start iTube HD Video Downloader then paste the copied video URL into the address bar to display the download options
  • After you select your preferred webinar video resolution, click the ‘download’ button to start the download

Method 3

  • Start by opening the iTube HD Video Downloader and go to the settings tab. Under the preferences option, select the extension and click the ‘install’ button just beside your preferred browser of choice
  • Open your browser and access WebinarJam by entering and search for your webinar video
  • Click the ‘download’ button to start the automatic download

How to sign up and cancel WebinarJam subscriptions

Signing up

The WebinarJam sign up is relatively easy and straightforward. First and foremost, access WebinarJam through their official site after which you select your preferred subscription service (trial, basic, professional or enterprise packages) by clicking the ‘get started’ button.

You will be prompted to continue where the sign in and sign up options are presented on the screen. The sign up option basically presents a dialogue box which prompts you to enter personal details that let WebinarJam identify you. These details include:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Company
  • Country code
  • Phone number
  • Billing address
  • City
  • Postal code
  • County
  • State

You will then be prompted to enter your credit card details as it relates to your Paypal account to complete your sign up process. Once verification of your identification details has been confirmed, the sign up process is complete with your username and your passwords only available to you.

Cancellation of WebinarJam subscription

To cancel your current subscription package with WebinarJam, WebinarJam webinar hosting software has a separate billing tab/page for their users that gives you complete freedom of choice as to changing the current subscription into alternate preferred subscription or even ask for refunds if you are not longer interest in continuing with the service.

Cancellation is only approved if you have specified the product /service, the order number, your full name and/or your email address. Alternatively, you could use the billing self – service portal which gives you a one on one engagement approach with WebinarJam. Nonetheless, this should be done ten days to the next invoice date.

WebinarJam login

WebinarJam login works much like other webinar hosting softwares in the market. Once you sign up, you can access WebinarJam features anytime you enter their site via accessing

WebinarJam features

WebinarJam webinar hosting service has a myriad of features that offer effectiveness and efficiency to its customers for the delivery of quality presentations and within the bounds of webinar conferencing.

Some of the major features include:

  • Large attendee hosting of up to 5000 people
  • WebinarJam has quality video rendering tools that are usable with HD devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones
  • WebinarJam has flexible scheduling that allows you to select the specific times in which you want to run your webinar
  • WebinarJam also allows you to stream from anywhere as long as there is a reliable internet connection
  • It has an in-built page builder that allows you to customize your interface to suit webinar presentation needs
  • WebinarJam incorporates a full email and SMS system that alerts and invites users to participate in your webinar
  • It has browser – based solutions as there is downloads required but runs directly from their servers
  • WebinarJam allows the user to give handouts to the relevant stakeholders of the webinar
  • [u1] [u2] of presentations
  • Further, the webinar hosting service has an additional password protected room feature that limits and secures the connection to only the authorized stakeholders to participate in the webinar

How to record WebinarJam

WebinarJam regards itself as ‘device – agnostic’ as it is highly compatible with most internet – oriented devices such as the laptop, tablet, android phone or even an iphone. WebinarJam grants specialized high definition video recording features to its users during broadcasting.

You can broadcast your webinar session using your webcam, use screen share and/or powerpoint presentations to deliver the intended content to the target user. Furthermore, it renders and relays these broadcasts in super high definition owing to its ideal technological plan, as long as there is a stable internet connection.

WebinarJam number of attendees

WebinarJam has over 50,000 users and has created such a wide market base by creating a reliable webinar hosting service that is able to hold a large number of participants. WebinarJam can accommodate up to 5000 attendees without straining the system’s capability.

WebinarJam presenter limits

In addition to holding thousands of attendees during any one single session, WebinarJam has a specialized presenter feature that can accommodate up to six presenters in one session.

You can choose to make a webinar as an individual self or collaborate with a team of like – minded individuals regarding the specific topic of interest and delivering more knowledge and engagement among participants.

WebinarJam Billing

WebinarJam’s billing platform has a self – service system that provides you with all the relevant elements that you might require to enable the ideal packaging for you.

For instance, if you want to upgrade from one level of services to a higher dedicated service due to increase in traffic, all you need to do is simply change the status of the product service you want provided for you under the billing platform.

Similarly, cancellation of the subscription service is done in the same way only that the product service that you would select would have to be refunds. The most fundamental change in billing is when you decide to offer you presentational or consultation services at a fee.

It usually means that the attendees who are interested in the live sessions would now be charged for having the privilege of being in the ‘front row seat.’ In essence, this means that the attendee in the live chat sessions would have to pay the set fee using a logic legit billing plan.

WebinarJam’s billing platform also incorporates a sale validation process that provides users with the ability to choose the preferred payment gateways that their customers should pay through. Subsequently, the users have to pay for your service via these payment gateways before completing registration.

WebinarJam’s Pricing Plan

WebinarJam has a relatively convenient pricing plan which has a diversified accommodative approach in its coverage plan.

WebinarJam Free Trial

For starters, WebinarJam offers a trial version that costs you so little is almost free. For one dollar only, WebinarJam offers its customers a fourteen day trial experimentation where you will get to use a variety of its webinar hosting features and experience the platform.

The trial version lets you experience the relative features that you could access only at $39 a month. WebinarJam offers more features at $39 a month than any other webinar hosting platform in the market. Further, the trial version gives you an approximate perspective of which pricing package plan that you would prefer as per your webinar presentation needs.

WebinarJam Paid Plans

There are typically three pricing packaging levels that WebinarJam offers in order for you to adequately utilize the services offered:

  • Basic plan
  • Professional plan
  • Enterprise plan

Basic plan

The basic pricing plan involves holding webinar platforms that allow up to two presenters on the broadcasting conference. Further, this plan can host up to five hundred attendees seamlessly without to simulate the all features available on the actual live seminar.

All of the WebinarJam hosting functions are available to you at the click of a button. These features have unlimited applications that enable you to interact with your attendees and with incredible efficiency and to up to a 2 – hour maximum live chat duration period.

To be able to access the basic plan, you are required to pay $499 a year (an equivalent of $39/mo) through you Paypal account or other approved payment services with WebinarJam.

Professional plan

Just as with the basic plan, you will be able to access all WebinarJam features with an added advantage of an additional two presenters. Therefore, this means that you could hold up to four presenters in webinar presentations.

Furthermore, the professional pricing plan allows you to host majority attendees of up to two thousand individuals. This professional plan offers an additional hour live chat duration period thus allowing a 3 hour webinar hosting.

To get the professional plan’s added features, you are required to pay $699 per year, via your online Paypal account. Alternatively, you could also pay $59 per month to still access the benefits of using the pro plan.

Enterprise plan

The enterprise plan on the other hand entails webinar hosting features provided for by WebinarJam at $999 annually. This plan enables you to access of the unlimited features and functions provided by WebinarJam and at added advantage in the live chat hosting virtual seminars.

You can include up to 6 presenters in your live chats such that your wide attendee audience can get more perspectives on the subject you are presenting. Further, it fosters more engagement and gives a much lively experience than having 4 or less presenters engaging the audience.

The attendee limit on this plan is 5000 in which all the attendees would receive a seamless webinar engagement in interaction with the presenters on your webinar. Not only does the enterprise plan have more seats available for attendees but also increases the conference duration period to a maximum of 4 hours.

The exceptionally number of attendees is easily managed as WebinarJam hosting platform offers you access to the ‘always on’ live room, not to mention the ‘panic’ button and the control center that allows for additional room for your professional hosting team.

 You could also access the enterprise plan by paying $89 per month if you are unable to pay for the annual package at one go, or because you would require their services for such longer periods.

WebinarJam Coupons and Discounts

From time to time, WebinarJam offers various discounts and coupons to their users in order to give their users the benefit of saving on costs while accessing more and ideal webinar features effectively.

For instance; WebinarJam had recently extended its $1 trial to 60 days from their typical $1 fourteen day trial experience. This promotional coupon meant that for two months of using the basic plan pricing package, you only had to pay $1. Interestingly, you will find more traffic an customer engagement that is especially helpful for webinar user beginners.

You also amazing discounts with WebinarJam hosting platform if you pay for an elongated period as part of their discount code service.

Typically, many people get to pay a monthly package fee which is much pricier when summed up at the end of the year. However, paying for an annual plan is relatively cheaper because of the discount code and it applies to all levels of the chosen pricing packaging plan.

WebinarJam Live Chat

WebinarJam has a very hyperactive ‘Live Chat ‘ function that keeps the stakeholders of the webinar engaged. It is prudent to argue that maintaining live interaction with your ideal crowd livens up the mode of communication and fosters valiant co-operation between various stakeholders.

First and foremost, WebinarJam will empower you with the question and answer tool that enables you to ask relevant questions regarding the topic of discussion and keeping the crowd active. Further, WebinarJam has additional specialized features like:

  • Sticky announcements
  • Private comments
  • Highlighted comments
  • Moderation capabilities

These engagement tools foster active interactions between the webinar users such that they would have various features that would keep them busy and tethered to the topic under discussion.

WebinarJam request to speak

Just as any good guest speaker would, you might want to have the autonomy to pick who speaks within your virtual stage. To achieve this premise, WebinarJam has an attendee spotlight that allows you to invite selected members of the audience to speak, screen share or even broadcast important and relevant information via their respective webcams.

This feature gives you complete access to your broadcasting functions such that as soon as you invite the selected speaker from the attendees to share in your broadcasting, you can be able to return the attendee into a participant by prompting your WebinarJam software to institute an attendee – only mode for the guest speaker.

Essentially, this happens in a simple three step process altogether:

  • Invite members of the crowd to participate and share their views on the platform
  • Select the member of the audience who will share their views on the subject
  • Eject the attendee as soon as they are done with making their presentation

Interestingly, this function has been very simplified such that it is done via simple mouse click options where there are no complicated tags associated with the invitation enabling a seamless live session that replicates presentation at an actual service room or conference/seminar.

WebinarJam Chat Problems

As all webinar hosting platforms have a problem with a hundred percent  up – time. This means that problems might arise during the middle of a broadcast. More so, sometimes these problems might be caused by technical malfunctions of devices such as the cameras or the audio recording devices.

This might be really inconveniencing for especially when you are in the middle of a presentation. For most users, this signifies a great loss especially if the presentation was money making. It is advisable for you to have a back – up plan that would prevent the loss of your attendee list. WebinarJam has the perfect solution for you.

While other webinar hosting platforms choke it up to the ‘unfortunate unavoidable circumstance,’ and routine apologies for the inconvenience, WebinarJam stretches a notch and tries to safeguard your data as well as your attendees. It’s the ‘panic’ button.

WebinarJam’s panic button instantaneously initiates the insta – boot a new room protocol that enables the system to restart itself in a new room. Once you notice that there might be any disruptions to the normal running of your webinar’s live chat, you can click the panic button and all attendees and presenters are then transferred to the new room in less than fifteen seconds.

Automated WebinarJam Recording

Most webinar broadcasts are live broadcasts meant to capture a specified target market within a specified time. Therefore, this means that you might not be concentrated on recording the session as you are engaging your target audience but rather focused on the delivery of content and engagement of the crowd.

Nevertheless, WebinarJam has been able to solve this problem by creating ‘Perfect Replica,’ a specialized tool that when activated, records live broadcasting events automatically into a video file. Also, WebinarJam includes another specialized feature, ‘Replica Replays,’ which records detailed steps of everything (every occurrence) that happened within the live rooms.

This is to mean that WebinarJam registers every action happening in the broadcasting platform that can eventually be replayed in the respective live – rooms and making them as engaging as they were during the live casting.

WebinarJam Support

It is prudent to argue that WebinarJam hosting software has the best online support system among webinar hosting platforms. It provides a customer support system that lets you interact with the members of the support team into solving various problems associated with running your presentation, and is available 24/7.

Further, the webinar hosting software gives you the option of delegating presentation functions to enable the best presentation results. This is done using the control center function that lets you organize members of your own team and of your choice, to help in running the presentation. You don’t want to be doing all the work in an active presentation anyway.

WebinarJam’s control center could involve members of your team working in a separate room to control elements of the presentation such as managing the presentation, choosing what PowerPoint presentations to cast on the screen as well as the screen shares that elaborate o specific points made to the audience.

The control center allow the functions that would be prevalent in a live session seminar such that you could select the speakers allowed to speak during the presentation, the conducting polls and surveys that are relevant to the presentation, active offers made during appropriate times. The control center is also essential in highlighting relevant announcements that are paramount to the presentation.

WebinarJam Smart API Key

When starting a webinar, you might be probably a higher target market list that would mean your attendees extending to the thousands. Following this precept, you would have an extremely large contact list to control while simultaneously making your presentation.

It would be extremely difficult to maintain the level concentration on delivering the ideal presentation while engaging thousands more. Majority of the users use an auto – responder or suitable CRM software that could be able to manage their contacts.

WebinarJam takes this factor into consideration and has created affiliate programs that enables them to link with the best brands in the industry to be able to create smart API’s that respond to the contact behavior. This automated integration fosters the effective management of webinars and safeguards you from making broadcasting errors by simplifying the work for you.

WebinarJam Pros and Cons


WebinarJam has various advantages that include but not limited to:

  • It is extremely easy to use the WebinarJam webinar tools as they have inbuilt functions that are accessible at the click of a button. With a mouse, laptop, strong internet connection and the required recording devices in an ideal casting live room, you are ready to go
  • WebinarJam is also relatively cheap as compared to other webinar Hosting platforms in the market. More so, It involves an elaborate plan which cuts across various webinar user needs
  • WebinarJam is available 24/7 thus you are guaranteed of customer support whenever you require their help or when you encounter problems in running your webinar hosting operations while using the software
  • In addition to a 24/7 customer support service, WebinarJam also offers free training videos at every level of participation.  You are able to understand how to use and operate various features and functions that are available and that you could use to expand your webinar operations
  • WebinarJam offers you with free templates on your landing page, which increase your customer experience as a presenter as well as that of your attendees.  The WebinarJam templates are fully customizable which allows you to edit the templates to represent the webinar environment that you create with respect to you presentation
  • Furthermore, WebinarJam enables multi – tasking as you can be able to perform various functions simultaneously without the degradation of any one service. You can send public and/or private messages to your attendees in the middle of a webinar without interrupting the presentation protocol
  • Also, WebinarJam allows you to liven up your webinar through active offer tools that enable you to create pop ups that prompt them into indulging the offers. These offers are made more interesting by either capping their availability or by creating a countdown which makes things interesting
  • Another interesting component of WebinarJam that is very beneficial is the active engagement with the attendees in that you could pull them into the live conversation where they can share their views on the subject at hand.
  • Still, WebinarJam has super recording tool functions that enable the automatic recording of live webinars whenever you are running a presentation. With tools such as perfect replica and replica replays, Webinar automatically records your webinar sessions and downloads the video such that it can be reviewed by either the presenter or the attendees
  • Finally, WebinarJam has a question and answer platform where the presenter can engage the attendees on the views in various issues thus enabling polls and surveys of topic elements as well as service elements. This enables you to improve the quality of your webinars and consequently, the quality of your service at large.


There are various disadvantages when using WebinarJam much like other webinar hosting platforms that are available in the industry. Some of these disadvantages include:

  • Downtime errors – in limited occasions, WebinarJam experience a downtime due to maintenance protocols or errors in connectivity which interrupts the services provided to the user when running webinar tools
  • Unresponsive customer support service. Some users have complained that the customer support service was less than optimal for they did not get the value of their pricing plans with regards to the performance of certain specified functions
  • In addition, WebinarJam pricing requirements are limiting to users who do not have Paypal accounts. The webinar hosting service capitalizes on Paypal as the major billing service through which their services are rendered but it does not guarantee that it is the best billing service out there
  • There is no sequential or logic training protocol instituted for learning WebinarJam. The user has to learn by accessing information to concepts and specific user applications that they want to use. This makes it very difficult to use the webinar hosting platform at the beginner level

WebinarJam Reviews

Despite the various disadvantages associated with using WebinarJam hosting there are many users who offer very positive feedback regarding their use of the webinar tools associated with the platform.

For instance; Michael Moyer says, “WebinarJam lives up to all the hype that it has been given. From the very well thought out features to the stellar customer support. This webinar is hands down the best one we have used. While other platforms have different limitations, WebinarJam allows so much more and from a value standpoint, it is the best hands down.”

In yet another user review, Angela Hauck comments, “WebinarJam provide incredible value, it is easy to use and automatically records my webinars for instant replays! It is the best webinar software in the market.”

Suffice to say that WebinarJam has no doubt won the hearts of many webinar users as it has incredible money making offers that are compatible with client needs. Dimitrije Ostojic, a WebinarJam user also hints, “This software changed my life. As soon as I started to use it, I changed my way of selling. Use of WebinarJam gave me an opportunity to work at my full capacity, because I am no longer searching for clients – they come by themselves after every webinar.”

Nick Haubner is yet another customer who is very much satisfied with WebinarJam’s service provision platform. He laments, “I’ve been using WebinarJam for almost two years now and I love it. No webinar service comes even moderately close! Especially since the WebinarJam upgrade… I have also gotten a lot of use out of the poll and survey features on the registration page. 20 – 50% of my subscribers fill it out, and it really helps to guide the presentations.”

Nevertheless, Users such as Ben Marcoux argue that it uses a lot of bandwidth and takes time to set up correctly. Even so, this is true for almost all webinar services as it is a platform that predominantly relies on the inclusion of a wider target market (attendees).

WebinarJam Competitors/Alternatives

Within the webinar hosting industry, WebinarJam dominates most of the market with its quality and easy to use features. Nonetheless, there are other webinar hosting platforms that offer similar webinar tools and that allow users to run their webinar functions seamlessly.

Major competitors to WebinarJam include but are not limited to:

  • Everwebinar hosting service
  • Gotowebinar software
  • Demio
  • Zoom
  • Crowdcast
  • Bigmarker
  • Webinarninja
  • Livestorm

While these webinar hosting platforms are almost similar in their service provision protocols and functions, it is the specific features and the convenience of content delivery that differentiates one from the other

Best Webinar Software 2022 and Detailed Comparison

Best Webinar Software 2022 and Detailed Comparison

In this post, I have reviewed the best webinar software available in the market in 2022 and I have some great background to give me authority as I have used webinars since 2012.

During my corporate years when I worked as an analyst at General Electric, I got introduced to webinar solutions. It so happened that GE, at that time, was ditching its solution for a new one, WebEx. GE had actually customized its WebEx solution this may surprise you but there is now a GE Webex certification! Offered by some other company.

Through my exposure to a number of solutions and my expertise, after trying several of them, I am excited to share what I think is the best webinar software available in 2021. If you are a small business or just starting out, you should know that 89% of hosts that have used different webinar solutions agree that webinars are the best platform to promote and grow your business. Webinars and podcasts are great channels, the same way blogs were the best tool in 2004.

First, let’s start with some basics and perhaps history;

Webinars used to be a B2B software marketing solution but its growing to be a significant tool for use as a B2C marketing tool as well. You can use it as a B2B platform when you want to reach a few direct businesses or host an internal meeting with staff. As a B2C platform, you can rely on it to support needs and requirements for large meetings for training or marketing purposes.

Regardless of your needs based on the number of attendees and solutions you want to use during a webinar, there is a solution for you on the list I’ve put together below.

Again, webinars are a very important way to build a more personal relationship with your audience, go in detail about the topics that concern them and build your brand as a place they can rely on for information on a certain topic.

Without further delay, let’s delve into the most important questions:

What is the Best Webinar Software?

If you are looking for the best webinar solution in 2021, you should know why we picked WebinarJam as the overall best webinar software in 2021.

As we prepared this list, we used the following to rank them:

  1. Number of attendees webinar software allows
  2. The ease of use
  3. The price of the webinar solution
  4. Landing pages and the ability to customize the landing pages for the audience
  5. Live chat options and other add-ons such as polls and active campaigns
  6. Webinar Automation and scheduling

After considering all the above, Webinarjam is my #1 pick as the go-to webinar software solution for anyone looking for a reliable, easy-to-use, and customizable webinar software. The team that developed Webinarjam is the same team that worked on the popular EverWebinar solution and you can definitely rely on them and their tool.

The best software solution for your webinar should have the following features, at a minimum:

  • It should be able to record a webinar session. I have reviewed all the best webinar recording software if you want to check them out.
  • During the webinar, you should be able to share docs and other materials
  • Ability to chat, engage, and follow up with your audience/potential customers without experiencing some inconveniencing downtime
  • it should deliver high-quality video
  • It should enable you to automate your sales process
  • Have helpful add-ons to enable you to engage with your prospects. Most critical add-ons include built-in polls and surveys, live-chat, live-streaming, on
  • One-to-one sessions, automatic recording, scheduling, among others.
  • Finally, the best software solution you choose from the list below should not be too costly for the needs you require.

Regardless of your choice, I am confident that you’ll find the most ideal solution that is good, legit, and will deliver all your needs.

Let’s go to the list now.

23 Best Webinar Solutions 2022:

Here is a full list of the top 15 best webinar solutions:

  1. WebinarJam
  2. Easywebinar
  3. Webex
  4. Dacast
  5. ClickMeeting (
  6. Everwebinar
  7. GetResponse
  8. Gotowebinar
  9. WebinarNinja
  10. Demio
  11. Webinars OnAir
  12. Adobe Connect
  13. Zoom
  14. GoBrunch
  15. Webinarsonair
  16. Google Hangouts
  17. WorkCast
  18. Livestream
  19. Anymeeting
  20. Webex
  21. Dacast
  22. Zoho Meeting
  23. Crowdcast

Reviews of Best Webinar Software 2022


I picked Webinarjam as 2021’s overall best webinar software available in the market. The great thing about Webinarjam is that you need 0 (ZERO) knowledge of how to set up and host a webinar as it is an easy-to-use platform that will make you feel like a PRO.

If you are looking for a webinar solution to use as a sales tool, Webinarjam is the undisputed leader. This is part of the reason we ranked it higher than other solutions that is more suited for group calls or weekly meeting calls. As a sales tool, it stands out as a webinar solution with a high engagement of up to 4x those of other tools and you can rely on it to effectively engage your potential customers and increase your chances of conversion.

webinarjam, #1 pick as overall best webinar software in 2020

WebinarJam is a very ideal tool for any marketer looking to stream live sessions and record them for use with EverWebinar. Here are some distinct features that make it stand out:

  1. During a webinar session, you can set pop-ups which allows your prospects to buy your product right away.
  2. During a webinar session, WebinarJam allows you to select a 1:1 video conversion with one member of the audience.
  3. With WebinarJam, you can create live-polls which you can schedule to end before a certain time and can use the data to make some comments.

WebinarJam is the most ideal platform for hosting large audiences with a focus on live streaming, unlike Everwebinar. Since it’s main focus is live-streaming, there is no automation or scheduling. If you need automation and scheduling, WebinarJam’s sister platform mentioned above, Everwebinar, syncs perfectly with WebinarJam to gather for all your needs.

Below is a video review with details of Webinarjam review and how you can integrate it with Everwebinar:

Webinarjam Review 2021 by Active Growth

Below are some of the features that will really get you interested in this top-ranking webinar software in 2021:

  • Streaming: With WebinarJam, you can stream to Facebook Live, Youtube Live, or to Webinar Jamcast, Webinarjam’s private broadcaster.
  • Branding: With WebinarJam, you can brand your page as much as you want.
  • Recording: With Webinarjam, you can record your webinar session using Everwebinar.
  • Interacting with the audience: You have access to virtual whiteboards, live-chats and polls to interact with your audience
  • Presentations: You have various ways to make your presentation better including insertions of pre-recorded recordings to play during a webinar session.
  • Security: Your audience needs to access the webinar using a secure password
  • Analytics: Webinarjam dashboard give you helpful analytics to give you an insight into how your audience engaged with you during the webinar session.

Webinarjam Pricing:

There are three plans you can choose from:

  1. Basic Plan: This plan allows you to host up to 500 participants per webinar session and up to three presenters can present in the session. This plan costs $39.92/month or $479 annually.
  2. Pro Plan: This plan allows you to host up to 1,000 participants per webinar session and up to four presenters can present in the session. This plan costs $65.25/month or $783/year
  3. Pro Plan: This plan allows you to host up to 5,000 participants per webinar session and up to 6 presenters can present in the session. This plan costs $83.08/month. 

Below is a table that best represents the three pricing plans:

webinarjam pricing 2020

WebinarJam is currently offering a trial for 60-day at just $1.

Webinarjam was founded in November 2013 by three businessmen who saw the need for an easy-to-use webinar solution. Since then the trio hasn’t looked back. It is based in La Jolla, California, and owned by an LLC called Genesis Digital. In 2021, 8 years on, Webinarjam is now one of the best-selling webinar software solutions you can find in the market.  Webinarjam has a team of six full-time senior directors and a large team of developers and customer support associates. 

WebinarJam’s webinars are powered by Broadcast Distribution Technology which distributes a universal signal. The universal signal is made compatible with almost any browser and device you can think of by the use of recent technologies such as RTMP, WebRTC, HLS, and Flash.

You can get started with Webinarjam today here

2. EasyWebinar:

If you are a marketer, our second-best webinar software in 2021, EasyWebinar is your go-to solution. Easywebinar has integrated marketing strategies that work with its webinar platform.

easywebinar review, #2 pick as the second best overall webinar platform

Aside from that, you can opt for live or automated webinar sessions as it has an all-inclusive plan. This feature differentiates it from Webinarjam which needs integration with Everwebinar to support automated sessions.

Below are some of the key features:

  1. It supports several presenters who are relayed on HD videos and cans hare screens and chat live during the session
  2. The basic plan supports up to 100 attendees
  3. If you integrate with Youtube, you can host as many attendees as you want.
  4. Easywebinar has a mobile app that supports live chat as well.
  5. It can be easily integrated with WordPress, MailChimp, GetResponse, among others.
  6. It has a built-in analytics tool to enable you to understand the audience better


easywebinar pricing 2020
  • Standard Plan: Easywebinar’s Standard plan has a limit of 100 attendees during a live session. This plan costs $78 when billed monthly. With Youtube integration, you can have an unlimited number of attendees
  • Pro Plan: Easywebinar’s Pro plan has a limit of 500 attendees during a live session. This plan costs $129 when billed monthly.
  • Enterprise Plan: Easywebinar’s Pro plan has a limit of 2,000 attendees during a live session. This plan costs $499 when billed monthly.

Easywebinar has a 14-day free trial that you can cancel any time and if you decide to be billed annually, you get three months for free.

You can try Easywebinar today here.

3. Webex

Webex, number 3 webinar software

Cisco has always impressed the web community with its products and Webex attests to that.

Webex is our #3 pick in this list of best webinar software you can pick in 2021. Webex was established in 1995 and got acquired by Cisco in 2007. It is known for providing a host of web-conferencing tool that provides a suite of video-conferencing for webinars and meetings. With the Webex webinar, you get a host room that streams your video and audio in HD and attendees can access the webinar on several devices. Webex can fit any needs of a business as it is fully customizable and provide online and offline training as well as support.

Webex uses WebRTC to push video streams to Youtube Live for broadcasting but is not always as fast as it, at times, experiences delays.

Webex vs Other webinar software

Webex is preferred by several users because of a host of tools you can access and the fact that it is compatible with all devices and browsers.

Here are some of its features:

  1. It is a cloud-based platform
  2. The maximum number of attendees is 40,000
  3. Excellent video and audio quality
  4. Integrates with tools such as Salesforce
  5. You can conduct surveys, polls during webinar sessions

The cheapest plan for Webex costs $13.5 per month and can allow up to 50 attendees. You should note that you’ll be billed annually and the price goes up with other plans.

When Compared with WebinarJam, Webex differs in the following ways:

  1. Allows attendees to download during a session which can be distracting. On the other hand, Webinarjam does not allow downloads
  2. Webex is similar to Webinarjam in that it allows mobile support. Webex’s mobile support is via an app and is similar to GoToWebinar and Crowdcast. On the other hand, other webinar software such as Livestorm uses Mobile browser for support – not mobile app
  3. Webex does not offer on-demand webinars

Unlike other traditional webinar software such as WebinarJam, Easywebinar, and GoToWebinar, Webex is more suited for in-house team collaboration than webinars. As I mentioned above, we used this for in-house staff meetings at GE and it was perfect as it has a host of collaboration tools.

Please check back soon as we review other webinars software in our 2021 list above.

4. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is a top-notch web-based audio and video webinar solution that is suitable for businesses of all sizes. ClickMeeting is an excellent webinar solution in 2021 because it will facilitate how your business conducts polls, surveys, and rebranding to fit your company’s brand. 

ClickMeeting Homepage

Click Meeting allows you unmatched control of how you engage with your partners through its key features, which are:

  • ClickMeeting is a cloud-based platform that ensures high-quality and audio streaming
  • Clickmeeting prides itself with a variety of useful features and tools such as in-meeting polls and surveys for the audience, built-in chat for groups or private messaging, screen sharing for improved presentation delivery, a  waiting room with an agenda that promotes the start of the meeting with all participants present, and a whiteboard function for brainstorming and drawing.
  • ClickMeeting supports webinar recording and storage, branded rooms, custom invitations, and live streaming on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube
  • ClickMeeting’s video conferencing service manages dozens of integrations with Adobe, Dropbox, Salesforce, Microsoft among others.
  • ClickMeeting provides an open API that gives developers access to build integrations to other applications or software developed in-house.

Below are other ClickMeeting features that make it competitive webinar software platform in 2021:

  • It integrates with PayPal that enables you to monetize your webinars
  • It provides automated webinars that allow you to publish your content at the set time, hassle-free
  • It allows you to extend your plan with add-ons
  • It has a new room that provides you with new features and discoveries on how you can improve your future webinars
  • It provides toll-free phone numbers that allow your attendees to dial into your webinars, which makes your events available to persons without Internet access
  • It provides fast and easy unlocks to on-demand webinars, which improves your lead base
  • It provides you with webinars and attendee statistics that enable you to deduce useful predictions and trends.

Click Meeting Pricing

As shown in the image above, ClickMeeting offers its services through four plans, which are the Free Trial, Live, Automated, and Enterprise. The prices are affordable as the Live plan is billed at $25/month billed annually, the automated plan is billed at $40/month paid yearly, the Enterprise plan, which is custom-priced, is suitable for large businesses.ClickMeeting plans are can also be billed monthly, through the price is higher.

The Free trial plan is valid for 30 days and allows up to 25 attendees. The Free trial is appropriate for new clients who need to explore the live, automated, and on-demand webinars before deciding which plan suits their businesses best.


  • ClickMeeting allows you to send SMS to participants
  • The advanced scheduling enables you to mark your calendar, which allows you to block any engagements during special holidays
  • It is easy to set up a live webinar and consequently moving it to the on-demand section instantly
  • It handles large numbers of participants efficiently
  • It provides its services with competitive prices
  • It supports many languages, such as English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, and Polish, and 
  • It is suitable for small businesses, large companies, medium businesses, and freelancers.


  • ClickMeeting uses webinar templates that are way more basic than other webinar software
  • It slow in exporting videos, which mandates an update of the compression tools.
  • Pricing plans offers a slightly low audience limit
  • Grievances are not addressed on weekends because redressal needs 1-2 working days and.
  • Its performance reduces if a fast internet connection is unavailable.

ClickMeeting Vs Other Webinars Software:

ClickMeeting vs Webinarjam:

While Clickmeeting supports two main platforms; web and phone app (iPhone and Android), Webinarjam only supports a web-based platform. The cheapest Clickmeeting package costs $25/m about $15 cheaper than Webinarjam’s lowest-tier plan that costs $39/m. Webinar jam is ideal for you if you are looking for a very customizable webinar platform with a host of features such as live streaming. On the other hand, ClickMeeting is ideal for you if you are looking for software that’s easy to integrate with other software such as dropbox, google calendar, Office 365, Slack and Google Drive, among others. Another significant difference between ClickMeeting is that ClickMeeting has a free plan that allows you to host up to 25 attendees at no cost to you. On the other hand, Webinarjam does not have a free plan but offers a 60-day trial for just $1. 

Clickmeeting vs zoom:

  • ClickMeeting and Zoom differ in their pricing and plans. Zoom is cheaper than ClickMeeting because the cheapest Zoom plan starts at $14.99/month while the cheapest ClickMeeting plans cost $30/month., both billed monthly. While ClickMeeting allows annual billings, Zoom only offers monthly payment plans. Also, ClickMeeting provides quote-based pricing for its Enterprise plan while Zoom does not-its enterprise plan costs $19.99/ month. Moreover, Zoom provides a free platform for its ‘Basic Plan’ while ClickMeeting does not-its offers a 30-day free trial only.
  • Another notable difference between ClickMeeting and Zoom are languages supported. ClickMeeting supports English, German, Polish, Spanish, Russian, French, and Portuguese while Zoom supports English only. 
  • ClickMeeting is available on Android, iPhone/Ipad, and Web-based while Zoom is available on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Web-based.
  • Clickmeeting is suitable for small businesses, large enterprises, medium corporations, and Freelancers, while Zoom is appropriate for all companies except Freelancers.
  • ClickMeeting provides support through emails and Live Support, while Zoom offers support through emails, phones, and live chats.

Clickmeeting vs GoTowebinar:

  • ClickMeeting and GoTowebinar differ in their plan models and pricing. ClickingMeeting, is way cheaper than GoTowebinar because its cheapest plan starts at $25/ month and the cheapest GoTowebinar costs $69/month, bothe billed annually. Also, ClickMeeting allows both monthly and annual billing, while GoToWebinar facilitates yearly billing only. Both webinar software solutions offer free trials, where ClickMeeting provides a 30-days free trial that has a limit of 25 attendees and GoToWebinar offers a 7-days free trial that allows a maximum of 100 attendees.
  • ClickMeeting supports Facebook and YouTube Live while GoToWebinar does not
  • ClickMeeting supports English, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and Polish, while GoToWebinar supports the English language only.
  • ClickMeeting is available on Android, iPhone/Ipad, and Web-based devices while GoToWebinar is available on Windows, Android, iPhone.Ipad. MAC, and Web-based devices.
  • ClickMeeting provides support only through emails and chats while GoToWebinar offers support via phone calls, live chats, training, and tickets.

Clickmeeting vs GoToMeeting:

  • ClickMeeting and GoToMeeting differ in their plans and pricing models. ClickMeeting is more expensive than GoToMeeting because its cheapest plan costs $25/month while the cheapest GoToMeeting Plan costs $12/month, billed annually. Besides, ClickMeeting’s most popular costs  $40/ month while GoToMeeting’s most popular plan costs $19/month. Also, Clickmeeting provides quote-based prices in its enterprise plan that is customized, while GoToMeeting does not offer quote-based pricing because it does not have custom plans.
  • Secondly, ClickMeeting and GoToMeeting differ in the languages the webinar software support. While GoToMeeting supports only English, ClickMeeting supports English, German, Russian, Polish, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.
  • Thirdly, GoToMeeting is available on Windows, iPhone/Ipad, Mac, and Web-based devices, while ClickMeeting is available on Android, iPhone/Ipad, and Web-based devices.
  • Finally, ClickMeeting and GoToMeeting differ in the channels of customer care they provide. ClickMeeting Provides support through emails and Live Support while GoToMeeting offers support through Phone calls, live chats, training, and tickets.

Clickmeeting vs Cisco Webex:

  • ClickMeeting and Cisco Webex differ in the pricing and plan models. Cisco Webex is cheaper than ClickMeeting because its most affordable plan costs $19/month while the most affordable ClickMeeting plan costs $25/month, billed yearly. Also, ClickMeeting offers quote-based pricing while GoToMeeting does not. Additionally, Cisco Webex provides a free account, while ClickMeeting provides a 30-days trial only.
  • Secondly, Cisco WebEx supports the English language while Click Meeting supports English, German, Russian, Spanish, Polish, and Portuguese.
  • Thirdly, ClickMeeting is fitting for all company sizes such as small businesses, large enterprises, medium businesses, and freelancers, while Cisco WebEx is appropriate for all other businesses except Freelancers.
  • Finally, Cisco WebEx provides customer support via phone calls and live chats, while ClickMeeting provides customer care via emails and live chats.


EverWebinar is the World’s most powerful automated webinar program owing to its fully automated customer-activity-based email connections, its capacity to keep users engaged, its ability to record webinars automatically that enable users to replay them for potential leads,  and an easy under-three minute setup for WebinarJam users.

EverWebinar is most fitting for small and medium businesses that wish to generate leads and boost their sales using Webinars.

Some of EverWebinar’s key features include:

  • Automated Webinars that stimulate events,
  • Secure webinar rooms with password protection
  • Live chat moderation for a hybrid webinar
  • Page-customization tool that maintains your brand
  • In-built autoresponders that enable you to communicate to your users pre and post-webinars
  • Active offer displays with urgency and scarcity
  • Advanced analytics and tracking systems that help you understand your data,
  • Unreliable free hosting through reliable, cloud-based servers
  • Time-zone auto-detection that enable users in the whole world to use EverWebinar with ease, and
  • Just-in-time webinars that commence immediately upon registration.


EverWebinar does not provide pricing details for their products to the public,  which is a marketing strategy that is often used by software vendors and service providers. According to Codeinwp, however, EverWebinar charges a one-time-fee of $597 to all their subscribers. Currently, EverWebinar is running an offer where clients need to pay $497 only for the next one year.  Also, EverWebinar has introduced a 60-days free trial for prospective clients, and consequently, bills new subscribers yearly.


  • EverWebianr has an advanced scheduling system that allows you to set up your monthly, weekly, and daily webinars for promotions by enabling you to select particular days of the week and time zones bases on your audiences’ preferences. For example, the advanced scheduling system enables you to block out specific days or holidays that you don’t want your promotion to run. Also, the scheduling system has time zone auto-detection that allows you to configure your webinars to the most appropriate time for your global consumers.
  • EverWebinar provides just-in-time webinars that begin minutes after registration to enable your audience to watch your webinar-on-demand as they register and block night-time webinars to keep it fully realistic.
  • EverWebinar provides the best presentation tools and the highest interactions, which improves your sales.
  • It keeps your subscribers in the loop owing to its full email and SMS communication system that facilitate auto-responses.
  • Provides real-time analytics concerning signups, attendance, purchase ratios, In-webinar behavior tracking, tracks your money, and pay-to-register fees that facilitate your monetization efforts.


  • You cannot simulate the live chat
  • Email remainders require an extra cost
  • The one-time fee is high for some prospective clients.

Everwebinar vs webinarjam:

  • EverWebinar and WebinarJam differ in their pricing and plans. EverWebinar requires a one time-fee of $597 to access all its features (it does not have different plans) while WebinarJam has three plans, whose basic plan costs $479/ year and the premium plan costs $997/year.
  • EverWebinar does not allow social media streaming while Webinarjam allows
  • EverWebinar is full integrated while full integration is not a guarantee with Webinarjam

Everwebinar vs EasyWebinar:

  • EverWebinar and EasyWebinar differ in the pricing and plans models. EverWebinar does have only one plan that offers all features to their subscribers under a one-time fee of $597, while EasyWebinar provides its webinar services in three plans, the standard, Pro, and Enterprise that costs $79/month, $129/month, and $499/month.
  •  Also, EverWebinar offers a 60-days trial at $1 while EasyWebinars offers a 14-days free trial.
  • EverWebinar does not allow streaming of webinars in social media platforms whole EasyWebinar does 

EverWebinar vs. GoToWebinar

  • The pricing and plan models for EverWebinar and GoToWebinar differ. EverWebinar only has one plan that attracts a one-time fee of $597 while GoToWebianr has three plans. The cheapest GoToWebinar costs $69/monthly billed annually while its most expensive plan costs $319/month billed yearly.
  • EverWebinar provides a 60-days trial period at $1 while GoToWebinar offers prospective clients a free 7-day trial period.
  • GoToWebinar gives a  free premium version while EverWebinar does not
  • GoToWebinar provides integration service while premium consulting is not available with EverWebinar.

6. GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar is a mobile app that provides webinar services such as online meetings, desktop sharing and video conferencing enabling their users to meet with other computer users, customers, and colleagues in real-time.  GoToWebinar is the sister product of GoToMeeting that is developed for larger groups of participants. GoToWebinar is rated number 1 in customer satisfaction owing to its features such as flexible scheduling of the whole event management process, easy and quick setup, and access to in-built templates that provide the most fitting business environment.

Other key features of GoToWebinar are:

  • Customizable webinar invitations, automated email reminders, and registration pages that are highly convertible, features that allow you to promote your upcoming event that results in huge traffic.
  • Inbuilt polls and surveys that enable you to engage with your participants
  • Automatic recording that can be shared online later
  • Hassle-free integration with tools such as Salesforce, Unbounce, and Zappier
  • Source tracking to discover channels that generate the most webinar signups
  • Offers 24/7 customer support
  • Has HD video quality
  • Supports pre-recorded events

GoToWebinar is most suitable for small and mid-sized  corporations that have little time for set-up or integration and still need a robust webinar software platform.


GoToWebinar provides its webinar services through four plans, Starter, Pro, Plus, and Enterprise that are billed either monthly or annually. 

Note, Annual billings attract a discounted offer of 20%.

The cheapest plan cost $69/month billed annually, while the most expensive plan, the Enterprise, is quota-priced as it is custom-made. 

The image below shows the three basic GoToWebinar plans, their pricing, and the participant limits.


  • Presenters can stream webinars from any location in the world’s from all popular devices
  • The analytics and marketing tools are some of the most competitive in the market
  • Provides enhanced engagement between the presenters and participants through live chars and virtual hands-raising
  • Presenters can use GoToWebinar with minimal training
  • Provides more flexible branding than its competitors
  • It is affordable relative to the services it provides, such as its ability to support a large number of attendees
  • It enables recording of webinars for future playbacks, and 
  • It integrates with Pardot/Salesforce


  •  The Starter plan supports only 100 attendees, which is a very limiting to companies that receive fast traffic
  • GoToWebinar is a bit expensive as even its lowest plan demands about $900/ year

Gotowebinar vs Webinarjam

  • GoToWebinar is much more expensive than WebinarJam. While both GoToWebinar and WebinarJam Plans are billed either monthly or annually, the lowest GoToWebinar plan costs $69/ month billed annually and the lowest WebinarJam plan costs $39.92/month  billed yearly.
  • GoToWebinar and WebinarJam also differ in their attendees limits in their respective plans. For example, GoToWebinar’s starter plan allows only 100 participants, while Webinarjam’s basic plan has a limit of 500 attendees. Also, Webinarjam allows 500o participants in its most expensive plan, a number of attendees that is possible in the custom-made Enterprise plan of GoToWebinar.
  • Thirdly, GoToWebinar enables webinar downloads with HTML while WebinarJam does not support downloads
  • GoToWebinar is available on a phone app only, while WeninarJam is available on mobile phone search engines
  • WebinarJam allows supports YouTube streaming while GoToWebianr does not
  • GoToWebinar provides on-demand webinars in its plans, while WebinarJam avails on-demand webinars as separate offerings
  • GoToWebinar does not support advanced email customization while Webinarjam does
  • GoToWebianr provides analytics reports  while Webinarjam does not
  • GoToWebinar supports multi-languages while GoToWebinar does not
  • GoToWebinar does not have custom tag integration while WebinarJam does

GoToWebinar vs GoToMeeting

  • GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting differ in their plans and pricing. The cheapest GoToWebinar plan costs $69/ month while the most affordable GoToMeeting plan costs $12/month, both billed annually. Also, GoToWebinar provides quote-based prices in its Enterprise platform while does offer quote-based prices.
  • GoToWebinar supports a higher number of participants in its plans than GoToMeeting. GoToWebinar supports 100 participants in its Starter plan while GoToMeeting supports  10 attendees in its starter plan. Also, GoToWebinar can support up to 5,000 attendees in its enterprise pan while the maximum number of attendees that GoToMeeting can support is 250.
  • GoToWebinar is available on Android while GoToMeeting is not
  • GoToWebinar offers a free 7-days trial with up to 100 attendees, while GoToWebinar offers a free 14-days trial with up to 250 participants.

Gotowebinar vs WebEx:

GoToWebinar and Cisco Webex provide webinar software solutions. Additionally, Webex provides other services such as team collaboration, online training, contact center, download software solutions, and cognitive collaboration.

  • GoToWebinar and Cisco WebEX vary in their pricing because the starting cost for GoToWebinar is $89/month and the Cisco WebEx costs start at $19/month billed monthly. GoToWebinar accepts both monthly, yearly, and quote-based subscriptions, while Cisco WebEx allows only monthly and quote-based subscriptions.
  • GoToWebinars is ideal for all businesses including freelancers while Cisco WebEx is unfit for freelancers.
  • GoToWebinar provides customer support via phone calls, live chats, training, and tickets while Cisco WebEx supplies support by live chats and phone calls only.


WebinarNinja is an all-in-one webinar solution that prides itself with the simplest and fastest webinar set up to run Live, Hybrid, Series, or Summits through its easy-to-use developing tools, and out-of-the-box thankyou and sign up pages  Live webinars are broadcasted with a live host for audience interaction, automated webinars are recorded sessions that run at specified times or on-demand, and Series webinars are a collection of several webinars. Finally, Hybrid webinars are a combination of live and recorded videos.

The key features of WebinarNinja are:

  • Its lightning-fast live chat
  • Instant screen sharing
  • Run multipole poll before, during, and after the webinar
  • Provides email automation and drip campaigns
  • Its  high-converting, custom registration landing pages
  • Analytics dashboard with the ability to export data
  • Integrations with 1000+ apps with Zappier
  • Has in-built marketing tools that accumulation of participants
  • Time-zone conversions allow the host to convert webinars to attendee’s local time.