SoundCloud Podcast

write a brief intro Podcast hosting is a relatively new service, but it’s becoming more and more popular. There are many ways to host podcasts, but one of the simplest ways is through SoundCloud. Soundcloud provides an easy way for people to share their audio content on social media websites like Facebook or Twitter. SoundCloud also has some great features that help with podcast hosting such as the ability to edit your podcast metadata so you can include information about where your podcast comes from, what type of show it is, when episodes are released etc. And if you want to go live while recording your podcast? You can do that too! All in all SoundCloud makes podcast hosting simple and quick!

How to get a SoundCloud account In order to host your podcast on SoundCloud you’ll need an account. If you don’t have one already, make sure to go ahead and get yourself an account at SoundCloud .com

Steps to post your podcast on Soundcloud

Create an account

To create an account on Soundcloud, you will need to provide an active email address and select a name for your podcast. Once you have confirmed your account, you can begin uploading your podcast episodes.

Complete filling out your profile

Upload a profile image that is at least 1400 x 1400 pixels. Add a description of your podcast to your profile’s bio. This is important because the description will be used as your RSS feed description. In the Your Links section, add links to your podcast website and any podcast social media accounts.

Update Settings:

The third step is to adjust your profile setting by filling out other details such as podcast category, language and enable the RSS feed setting to post podcasts automatically

Submit your SoundCloud podcast feed

You may use an RSS feed on SoundCloud to reach new audiences for your podcast through distribution platforms like iTunes, Stitcher, and TuneIn.

Soundcloud podcast to Spotify, Apple, Google Play Music, and other services:

With the release of their new podcast upload feature, SoundCloud has made it easier than ever to share your best podcast episodes with your fans. Once your podcast is live on Soundcloud you can use a conversion tool to get an RSS feed link that will allow you to submit it to various services like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play Podcasts and many more. You can submit your podcast RSS feed link to services like Spotify by using the Soundcloud podcast submission tool.

Conversion tools allow you to download an XML file that contains details about all of the episodes on your playlist. Do note that the maximum number of tracks in a single feed is 100.

To download the file, simply click on the download button next to your playlist’s RSS Feed link. The generated XML file will have a different structure depending on which service you are uploading to. For example, if you are submitting your podcast to Spotify, the generated file might look like this:

Once your Soundcloud podcast has been submitted to these services, it will appear in the directory and can be found by listeners.

With Soundcloud Pro, you can pick a custom upload URL, so if your podcast is hosted on another service such as Mixcloud or Podbean, you can submit this feed to become a multi-platform podcast. This means that every time you upload a new episode, it will be pushed to both your Soundcloud account and the other service you have chosen.

Soundcloud podcast hosting is an excellent way to host your podcast episodes for free. If you are using this platform in addition to another podcast hosting service, remember that only 10 episodes will appear on the feed per month so upload wisely!

SoundCloud Podcast Hosting Pricing

You can choose from SoundCloud’s free plan or go for paid plans below;


Q: Is Soundcloud podcast hosting free?

A: Yes, Soundcloud is completely free podcast hosting. You can upload as many podcasts as you want on your account. However, only the first 10 episodes of each month will appear on people’s feeds on SoundCloud.

Q: Is there a size limit for uploaded podcasts?

A: Yes. The maximum audio file size that can be uploaded to SoundCloud is 250MB per file. Keep in mind that files larger than 200MB will take longer to upload, but they will also be fully accessible once they are live on your channel.

Q: How many podcast episodes can I upload?

A: You are allowed to upload up to 10 episodes per month for free, but unlimited at Pro levels.

Q: Where can I see stats for my podcast?

A: Your episode’s statistics will be available on the Dashboard and Stats pages after your first upload has been approved. You will also receive notifications whenever new comments and likes are added to your tracks and podcasts.

5 Best Tech Podcasts 2022

Are you looking for the best tech podcasts you can listen to? That tells me that you are among the tech die-hards that want to stay updated on developments in your line of profession. These updates are critical for the success of any business and its leadership.

From beginners to entrepreneurs, developers, and more, we have sought the best tech podcasts to listen to whether iTunes, Spotify or any other site and platform. Our concern is to keep you and your business posted on tech trends as the tech industry fosters and podcasts are the best tool.

The best thing with podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere you are, be it at home or driving, and on devices such as PCs, smartphones, and radios. Depending on the flexibility, you can choose to subscribe to a podcast or listen live.

What are Podcasts?

Podcasts are spoken, on-demand audio episodes from radio discussions that center on a particular topic such as technology. You can listen to podcasts through your smartphone or PC device whenever you want.

So, before we get aboard, let us look at some few facts about podcasts.

Podcast Statistics & Facts

The most common question that people ask is ‘how many podcasts are there?’ A short answer to your question is 1.75 million podcasts. First things first, the word podcast is not new in the US as 75% of the total population is au fait with it. That is good news since we will not start with the basics.

Did you know that 50% of all the US households are podcast aficionados? As of 2020, 24% of the US population listened to podcasts weekly and 27% of US podcast listeners hold a 4-year college degree. It is also worth noting that there are 16 million fervent podcast listeners, with 51% of them being male listeners.

As of now, 49% of these podcasts are listened at home, 22% when driving, and 80% of all the listeners listen in to almost all episodes in a podcast. Statistics also found that most podcast listeners are very active on social media channels and are anticipated to follow brands and firms on these platforms.

5 Best Tech Podcasts

To assist you in navigating through the pool of podcast choices available on the market, we have put together a list of tech podcasts that are ideal for specific groups of people in an industry. From beginners to developers, top execs, entrepreneurs and tech maniacs, these podcasts will help you excel in your IT career.

Here are our 5 best tech podcasts.

  1. Too Embarrassed to Ask: Best Podcast for Beginners
  2. The Future of Everything: Best Podcast for Tech Maniacs
  3. The Cloudcast: Best Podcast for Developers
  4. Technovation: Best Podcast for Top Executives
  5. Startup Grind: Best Podcast for Entrepreneurs

Review of the 5 Best Tech Podcasts 2022

Podcasts are an ideal passive learning tool that allows you to keep up with the up-to-the-minute with the Information Tech industry wherever you are. In fact, some even fit your tea break and only take 30 minutes or less to inform you on the current trends in each field or tech position.

Too Embarrassed to Ask: Best Podcast for Beginners

Are you a tech beginner with a talent for the field? If yes, you must be asking where you can get tips and tricks to help you cope up with the trends. Too Embarrassed to Ask is a fantastic choice. 

As one of the best podcasts for beginners, Too Embarrassed to Ask fits those tech talented folks with passion for technology but they are too nervous to shoot questions. One of the main reasons why they are embarrassed is not to look stupid.  In the real sense, it is not silly to ask.

The Too Embarrassed to Ask podcast takes into account dialogues from tech revolutions and offers listeners a platform to ask the most pressing questions they have. While the hosts do not create content any longer, you can still gain from the fountain of their content.

Listen to the best tech podcasts on iTunes and Google Podcasts!

The Future of Everything: Best Podcast for Tech Maniacs

Are you a tech maniac who is turned on by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ)? I have a podcast for you that will be appealing to your ears.

As a tech freak, you must be equipped with resources that will help you sharpen your skills if you want to fit in the competitive and ever-changing drifts of the tech industry. As such, you need bring yourself up-to-date with tech trends and news which is The Future of Everything comes into play.

The Future of Everything show involves journalists from the WSJ reviewing the state-of-the-art tech trends while trying to forecast what these revolutions will spawn. The podcast revolves around the line of queries such as the competencies of Siri in the proximate future among others.

If you are interested in robotics, the podcasts also covers topics on such as well as the changes tech has brought to the field of medicine and more.

Listen to these best tech podcasts on Spotify or iTunes!

The Cloudcast: Best Podcast for Tech Developers

Are you inquisitive about cloud computing tech and its end results in the system? You must then be interested in recognizing how technology will restructure your IT job and the industry as a whole and The Cloudcast podcast got you covered.

Started approx. 6 years ago, Cloudcast is the brainchild of Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely. These folks wanted to pick up more on cloud computing techs that were difficult to get to in their day jobs. As Gracely puts it, they used to call intelligent people and vow to air them on the Internet.

This weekly podcast with an average length of 30 to 40 minutes now (after 310 episodes) stars some of the brightest persons in the cloud computing network such as startup founders, developers, venture capitalists, and CEOs.

Some exciting and productive episodes in the podcast that you can embark on include, Episode 288: Understanding Public Cloud Spending Trends & Episode 299: The Discipline of Chaos Engineering.

Listen to this best tech podcast on Spotify or iTunes!

Technovation: Best Podcast for Top Tech Executives

Are you a top business/tech exec, tech evangelist, or innovator looking for the best tech podcast that fits your specific needs? Technovation got you covered!

Technovation, perchance, stands out as the finest podcast in the arena with C-Suite thought leadership and CIOs as the center of attention. Hosted by Peter High (Implementing World Class IT Strategy author), the podcast features interviews from experts on drifts and best habits for IT leaders.

You can also look through the website for topics such as entrepreneurship, AI, women in tech, as well as leadership positions.

Listen to the best tech podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Listen On, and Stitcher.

Startup Grind: Best Podcast for Tech Entrepreneurs

If you are looking for a podcast that is tailored to address your entrepreneurial needs, Startup Grind podcast is a perfect choice.

While reputable for its global events that are envisioned to teach, motivate, and link capitalists, Startup Grind also does an amazing job of producing incredible podcasts. The platform stands out as the globe’s largest community for startups, creators, innovators, and founders. It integrates individuals on the same wavelength from different corners to build their zeal in investment.

The podcast features all-inclusive reviews with prominent tech founders such as Slack’s Stewart Butterfield, YouTube’s Steven Chen, and Skype’s Niklas Zennstrom.

To ensure entrepreneurs are fully equipped for their groundbreaking mission, the podcast also features admired authors to expand on the topics of their books such as Nir Eyal. Other figures include VCs such as Venture Capital’s David Teen for dialogues about algorithmic bankrolling.

Listen to the best podcast on Google Podcasts!

Benefits of Listening to Tech Podcasts

In the last decade, the passion for podcasts has grown substantially as evident in our stats & facts above. The best thing about podcasts that makes them popular and attention-grabbing is that they are tailored to fit specific time schedules and topics. Their focus on different subjects makes them suitable for all interested listeners.

In addition, listening to podcasts creates a new platform to get to know the things you were not acquainted with, add more to what you are aware of, and at the same time engage your brain. Their flexibility and accessibility via smartphone devices and earpieces while moving around during your daily chores.

Listening to podcasts also helps develop new skills, keep you informed on tech conferences, discover new subjects of interest, and stay in touch with tech trends. If you have trouble with soft skills such as concentrating, multitasking, and responsiveness, listening to podcasts helps hone such skills.

How to Listen to Tech Podcasts

First things first, all podcasts are free and accessible through different channels. If you have access to the internet, listening to podcasts has never been easier! All you need to do is look for a podcast app or online platform that meets your specific needs and listen to some episodes in their fount of content.

Here are three platforms that answer how to listen to podcasts:

  • Websites

Listening to a podcast via the website is one of the simplest methods available. You just need a web browser such as Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Google Chrome on your PC or phone. How to listen to a podcast on a website:

  1. Find a site with your preferred podcasts, Startup Grind for example.
  2. Look for the page’s audio player. Make sure that the sound on your device is turned on.
  3. Listen to the podcast.
  • Android Devices

If you own an Android phone, the Google Podcast app is at your disposal.  So, visit your Google Play Store app and search ‘Google Podcasts’ and install the application. How to listen to a podcast on your Android mobile phone:

  1. Launch the Google Podcasts app and use the search box to look for the podcast you crave.
  2. Select your favorite podcast from the search results, click on it, and it will redirect you to the podcast URL.
  3. Check the recent episode to play it.
  4. Do you like the episode? Select the subscribe button (at the top of the page) and it will show on the top of the Google Podcasts app. The app will also show a new section that will notify you when a new episode from the podcasts you have subscribed to is available.
  • iPhone or iPad Devices

For iPhone users, you can use the Apple Podcasts app on your device to listen to your favorite podcasts. Unlike with Android devices, the podcasts app comes installed on your smartphone, so you will just search for it in the apps list. If it is not there then it is too unfortunate for you as you will have to download it.

Here is how to listen to a podcast on your iPhone device:

  1. Launch the Podcasts app, visit the search page, and click.
  2. On the search box, enter the name of the podcast you want to listen to.
  3. Select your favorite podcast from the search results and click on it to visit the homepage.
  4. Click on your desired podcast episode to play it and hit the subscribe button if you like it. Subscribing lets the app download the up-to-date episodes to your library.

Enjoy thousands of free podcasts on your preferred device while on-the-go, at work, or at home.


Are tech podcasts free of charge?

Yes, most of the podcasts are free of charge and are accessible via a number of applications.

What are the best podcast apps for iOS?

The best podcast apps for iOS include Downcast, Overcast, Castro, Spotify, and Breaker.

What are the best podcast apps for Android?

The best podcast apps for Android include Podcast Addict, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Castbox, and Pocket Casts.


Podcasts are a powerful source of tech trends that allows IT beginners, experts, entrepreneurs, developers, and all IT skilled individuals wishing to stay on top of tech trends that make them competitive.

They help brush their knowledge up and can even be integrated in your working schedules as some even take 5-10 minutes. If you are looking for the ideal passive learning tool, podcasts are at your disposal and very informative.

Hopefully the article was helpful. Thanks!

Podcast Rankings

Top 200 Podcasts Globally – Podcast Rankings on Oct 2020

The table below shows the top 200 podcasts globally:

1▶–audiochuckCrime Junkie
2▶–The Daily WireThe Ben Shapiro Show
3▶–NBC NewsDateline NBC
4▶–Earwolf & Jenna Fischer and Angela KinseyOffice Ladies
5▶–Freakonomics Radio + StitcherFreakonomics Radio
6▶–Westwood One Podcast Network / Dan BonginoThe Dan Bongino Show
7▶–Rachel Maddow, MSBCThe Rachel Maddow Show
8▶–Comedy CentralThe Daily Show With Trevor Noah: Ears Edition
9▲17IncongruitySword and Scale
10▲1VoxToday, Explained
11▼1Jay Shetty and Kast MediaOn Purpose with Jay Shetty
12▲2Westwood One Podcast NetworkMark Levin Podcast
13▶–Pushkin IndustriesThe Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos
14▲1VoxThe Ezra Klein Show
15▼3Pushkin IndustriesRevisionist History
16▶–The Fighter & The Kid | Kast MediaThe Fighter & The Kid
17▲2Jovem NerdNerdCast
18▲2The Daily WireThe Michael Knowles Show
19▼2The Roost x Zane and HeathZane and Heath: Unfiltered
20▼2Kast MediaAnd That’s Why We Drink
21▼12Aaron Mahnke and Grim & MildLore
22▶–Westwood One Podcast NetworkThe Savage Nation Podcast
23▼2Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, MSNBCMorning Joe
24▲1VoxThe Weeds
25▲10Theo VonThis Past Weekend
26▲3Theo Von and Brendan SchaubKing and the Sting
27▲3Jason Weiser, Carissa Weiser / BardicMyths and Legends
28▲20DuolingoDuolingo Spanish Podcast
29▼2Rob Dial and Kast MediaThe Mindset Mentor
30▲7The Daily WireThe Andrew Klavan Show
31▲1AdrianOYa lo Sabias
32▼9New York MagazinePivot
33▲5謝孟恭Gooaye 股癌
34▶–Andy Frisella #100to0REAL AF with Andy Frisella
35▲1Blaze Podcast NetworkThe Rubin Report
36▲11Whitney CummingsGood For You
38▲2HeadgumNot Another D&D Podcast
39▲2The Daily WireThe Matt Walsh Show
40▼9Get SleepyGet Sleepy: Sleep meditation and stories
41▲1Tim PoolTim Pool Daily Show
42▲1HeadgumWhy Won’t You Date Me? with Nicole Byer
43▲2DuolingoDuolingo French Podcast
44▲7LeVar Burton and StitcherLeVar Burton Reads
45▼1Kast MediaThe Viall Files
46▲6Lester Holt, NBC NewsNBC Nightly News with Lester Holt
47▲8Andrew SantinoWhiskey Ginger w/ Andrew Santino
48▲1The VergeThe Vergecast
49▲1WaitWhatMasters of Scale with Reid Hoffman
50▼4Tim KellerTimothy Keller Sermons Podcast by Gospel in Life
51▲32CuriouscastNothing much happens; bedtime stories to help you sleep
52▲2Chris Hayes, MSNBCAll In with Chris Hayes
53▲6Imperative EntertainmentIn the Red Clay
54▲4Westwood One Podcast Network / STWW NetworkSomething to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard
55▲9Nicolle Wallace, MSNBCDeadline: White House
56▲10Bill O’ReillyBill O’Reilly’s No Spin News and Analysis
57▲4Chris Hayes, MSNBC & NBCNews THINKWhy Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes
58▲36Notícias AgrícolasNotícias Agrícolas
59▼2Brian Williams, MSNBCThe 11th Hour with Brian Williams
60▼4Westwood One Podcast NetworkTalk Is Jericho
61▲11Tim DillonThe Tim Dillon Show
62▲12Premiere NetworksThe Buck Sexton Show
63▶–Lawrence O’Donnell, MSNBCThe Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell
64▲5Pushkin IndustriesBroken Record with Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam and Justin Richmond
65▲2Earwolf & Jameela JamilI Weigh with Jameela Jamil
66▼6Tom BilyeuImpact Theory with Tom Bilyeu
67▲8Dave AspreyBulletproof Radio
68▲14Brendan Schaub | Kast MediaBelow the Belt
69▼45Townhall MediaTriggered
70▼5Rooster TeethRooster Teeth Podcast
71▶–Crime Online & iHeartRadioCrime Stories with Nancy Grace
72▲138Cult Of CornetteJim Cornette Experience
73▶–Richard MacLean SmithUnexplained
74▲5Matt Watson & Ryan MageeSuperMegaCast
75▲20Dan Pashman and StitcherThe Sporkful
76▼23The AthleticNo Dunks
78▼2Westwood One Podcast NetworkGrilling JR
79▲8Commentary MagazineCommentary Magazine Podcast
80▶–Chuck Todd, NBC NewsNBC Meet the Press
81▶–WaitWhat + Thrive GlobalMeditative Story
82▲10Kara LoewentheilUnF*ck Your Brain
83▼13Stitcher & Bill NyeScience Rules! with Bill Nye
84▲7The Betoota AdvocateBetoota Daily News Bulletin
85▶–Mike Carruthers / OmniCast Media / Westwood One Podcast NetworkSomething You Should Know
86▲502CurbedNice Try!
87▼3Vox Media Podcast NetworkThe Cut
88▶–Stiff SocksStiff Socks
89▲4ثمانية/ thmanyahفنجان مع عبدالرحمن أبومالح
90▲12Clyde Lee Dennis7 Good Minutes Daily Self-Improvement Podcast with Clyde Lee Dennis
91▲7Studio71Something Scary
92▲7Chatty Broads with Bekah and JessChatty Broads with Bekah and Jess
93▼7RecodeRecode Decode
94▲6Chat 10 Looks 3Chat 10 Looks 3
95▲2VoxSwitched on Pop
96▶–Headgum / Doughboys MediaDoughboys
97▼58Studio71Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast
98▲3Westwood One Podcast Network83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff
99▼9Section 4 / Westwood One Podcast NetworkThe Prof G Show with Scott Galloway
100▲5Cult Of CornetteJim Cornette’s Drive-Thru
101▲3Imperative Entertainment and Foxtopus InkThe Syndicate
102▲7HeadgumNewcomers: The Lord of the Rings, with Lauren Lapkus and Nicole Byer
103▲5Matthew Watto MD, Stuart Brigham MD, Paul Williams MDThe Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast
104▲6Ramsey NetworkThe EntreLeadership Podcast
105▲9Kinda FunnyKinda Funny Games Daily
106▶–Joy Reid, MSNBCThe ReidOut with Joy Reid
107▶–DuolingoRelatos en inglés con Duolingo
108▲4Rooster TeethOff Topic
109▼6Earwolf & Laci MosleyScam Goddess
110▼21Anthony PomplianoThe Pomp Podcast
111▲5Studio71Past Gas by Donut Media
112▲3Lauren Riihimaki & Jeremy Lewis & Studio71Wild ‘Til 9
113▲40Dr. Laura SchlessingerDr. Laura Call of the Day
114▲13TWiTThe Tech Guy (Audio)
115▲3Eric Thomas Ph.D.The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl, Jemal & Eric Thomas
116▲5Westwood One Podcast NetworkInside of You with Michael Rosenbaum
117▲19The StandThe Stand with Eamon Dunphy
118▲2Starburns AudioSmall Doses with Amanda Seales
119▼41The Unstuck NetworkChooseFI
120▲19MindvalleyThe Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen Lakhiani
121▲12Filippo RuggieriMonologato Podcast – The Filippo Ruggieri Experience
122▼3Westwood One Podcast NetworkThe All New Dennis Miller Option
123▼61Forever DogRace Chaser with Alaska & Willam
124▼11RecodeRecode Daily
125▲18Chilling Entertainment, LLC & Studio71Otis Jiry’s Scary Stories Told in the Dark: A Horror Anthology Series
126▲15The Betoota AdvocateThe Betoota Advocate Podcast
127▲4Rooster TeethBlack Box Down
128▲1Morning BrewBusiness Casual
130▼6TWiTMacBreak Weekly (Audio)
131▲69عقل غير هادئعقل غير هادئ.. مبارك الزوبع
132▲30innerFrenchIntermediate French Podcast
133▲41BeerBiceps aka Ranveer AllahbadiaThe Ranveer Show
134▼101Pushkin IndustriesCautionary Tales
135▼10Ari Melber, MSNBCThe Beat with Ari Melber
136▲11Religion of SportsNow For Tomorrow with Deepak Chopra
138▲6Seeking AlphaWall Street Breakfast
139▼7報導者 & SoundOn 製作團隊《The Real Story》By 報導者
140▼5Willie Geist, Sunday TODAYSunday Sitdown with Willie Geist
141▼7The Bert ShowThe Bert Show
142▼12WarRoom.orgBannon’s War Room
143▲13Cloud10The Endless Honeymoon Podcast
144▼6MSNBCInto America
146▲20Mark GrovesMark Groves Podcast
147▲4Chilling Entertainment, LLC & Studio71Chilling Tales for Dark Nights: A Horror Anthology and Scary Stories Series Podcast
148▲1大人學大人的Small Talk
149▼3HeadgumHey Riddle Riddle
150▼8One Tan Hand ProductionsSips, Suds, & Smokes
151▲17Kast MediaStrictly Stalking
152▲61Immanuel Tolstoyevski | Podbee MediaFularsız Entellik
153▲29Wrangler National Finals RodeoNFR Extra
154▲11Starburns AudioGilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast
155▼18HeadGumWe Hate Movies
157▼2Dark Poutine / CuriouscastDark Poutine – True Crime and Dark History
158▲60Fréquence Moderne2 Heures De Perdues
159▲12英文不難Kevin 英文不難
160▼6Lew LaterLew Later
161▼2Westwood One Podcast NetworkWhat Happened When
162▲2Rooster TeethDude Soup
163▼6Sportsnet31 Thoughts: The Podcast
164▲8Amy Baldwin and April Lampert| Pleasure PodcastsShameless Sex
165▲12Eric Siu & Neil PatelMarketing School – Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips
166▼26Rooster TeethF**kface
167▲49SportsnetHockey Central
168▼45QCODE, HTC ProductionsHank the Cowdog
170▲18Guga MafraGugacast
171▼26Pushkin IndustriesDeep Cover: The Drug Wars
172▲7Studio71Unsolicited Advice with Ashley and Taryne
173▲ / Westwood One Podcast NetworkThe Stacking Benjamins Show
174▲63Ride Home MediaTechmeme Ride Home
175▲16Katie WellsThe Wellness Mama Podcast
176▼3Ramsey NetworkThe Ken Coleman Show
177▲46VoxFuture Perfect
178▲5Marcus Luttrell and Andrew Brockenbush / Westwood One Podcast NetworkTeam Never Quit
179▲26Witness DocsVerified
180▲35Kast MediaAll Things Vanderpump
181▲4Krista Williams & Lindsey SimcikAlmost 30
183▲10Lipstick Nancy, Inc., Starburns Audio LLCNobody Listens to Paula Poundstone
184▲28Jake Hurwitz and Amir BlumenfeldIf I Were You
185▲1China PlusRound Table China
186▼11mindbodygreenThe mindbodygreen Podcast
188▲9The Ricochet Audio NetworkFederalist Radio Hour
189▼8Josh Norris, Rotoworld Fantasy FootballRotoworld Football Podcast
190▼20Wonder Media NetworkMajority 54
191▲38Tony & Esther通勤十分鐘 On The Way To Work
192▼23NBC NewsThe Thing About Pam
193▲8Cloud10Work in Progress with Sophia Bush
194▼10The Nine ClubThe Nine Club With Chris Roberts
195▼3Lori HarderEarn Your Happy
196▲38Pushkin IndustriesInto the Zone
197▼34Starburns AudioDumb People Town
198▲5NBC Sports RadioPro Football Talk Live with Mike Florio
199▲29The AthleticThe Ornstein & Chapman Podcast
200▲116Ramsey NetworkThe Dr. John Delony Show

Podcast Ranking in the US

  1. Michele Obama Podcast

Network/Artist: Higher Ground & Spotify

The Michelle Obama Podcast
Listen On Apple Podcasts

Where Do People Listen to Podcasts

Where do People Listen to Podcasts

To fully answer this question, I will indicate statistics of the location people usually find themselves listening to podcasts and will go further to indicate the platforms where people find and play their podcasts.

Locations: Where do People Listen to Podcasts?

Let’s start with answering the locations where people usually find themselves listening to podcasts.

I found several statistics on where people usually end up focussing to listen to podcasts.

First let’s start with the statistics of where people under 35 years old listen to podcasts:

One statistic mentioned that 52% of all listeners listen to podcasts at home. Another 24% listen to podcasts while driving, 17% while at work and 30% listen while onboard a public transport vehicle.

For listeners over the age of 35, 61% of them listen to podcasts at home, 15% listen to podcasts at work, 20% listen to podcasts in public transport and 20% listen to podcasts in the gym. A small portion listens to podcasts at places like shops, churches, forums, among others. In 2020, the number of church podcasts listeners may have gone up with most people opting for online sermons to limit the spread of the pandemic.

Platforms: Where do people listen to podcasts?

Most people find and listen to these podcasts using podcast distribution platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Spreaker, TuneIn, among others. 52% of people use Apple Podcasts, 19% Spotify, 4.6% Stitcher, and 21% use other platforms to listen to podcasts.

Image for post

Apple Podcast:

Smartphones are the most popular devices people use to listen to podcasts and it’s no secret why Apple Podcasts make up more than half of all podcast listeners. At 52%, Apple’s claim on the market is likely to gain some competition from Spotify soon. Below is a proportion of each device used to listen to podcast in the UK

Population listening to podcasts

Proportion that used Podcasts in the last month:

We saw our Reddit users were much heavier podcast listeners than the general population
Apple podcasts continues to have a dominant position in the market

Best Podcast Hosting for Multiple Shows

If you are into podcasting, then you probably know that it is very addictive, or isn’t it? As such you may find that you need to discuss more than one subject matter targetting multiple niches from your audience. Great podcast hosting providers should be able to provide you with multiple show hosting under one account. I find Buzzsprout to be the best podcast hosting provider for your needs.

  • Buzzsprout has multiple valiant features that make it ideal for you to be able to carefully host and manage multiple podcast shows for you. Listed below are some of Buzzsprout hosting features that are:
  • Buzzsprout recently added a built – in transcription API which converts your audio into text formats and keeps a record of it. Both you and your listeners can be able to have a clear copy of the podcast content such that commenting on the podcast would be very much easy.
  • Furthermore, Buzzsprout includes a built – in text editor that lets you make relative notes regarding the subject topic and enhancing clarity of podcasts to all the users. Your audience will be able to get elaborate explanations of the subject topics for further information on the subjects.
  • Buzzsprout also has a new built – in player that is compatible with various audio formating for the delivery of online audio media content.
  • In addition, Buzzsprout incorporates an affiliate marketing integration that is directly linked with your buzzsprout site as well. This way, you can easily monetize your site as well as effectively track your podcast subscriptions.
  • What’s more, Buzzsprout has very affordable pricing tiers. This makes it especially easy for startup podcasters to be able to establish a footing in the podcasting industry. You can even get free podcast hosting services with Buzzsprout but with a few limitations. Your episodes will be automatically deleted after 90 days, unless you upgrade to a paid subscription service for your podcast.
  • To cap it all off, Buzzsprout will enable you to have multiple shows hosted under one account. You will also be able to access all the hosting features for either of the shows within your selected hosting plan. This means that you will definately be able to get more while paying less, for your podcast hosting services.

Benefits of podcast hosts that allow multiple host feeds

Having multiple podcast shows on your channel can be very advantageous if you areinvested on expounding your topic areas or even your audience. First off, i will begin by mentioning that including a second podcast show on your account can be very advantageous as will have an already established audience. Your audience is already familiar with your content and thus can be able to easily relate to the content you will be broadcasting on your second podcast.

Furthermore, with an already established podcast, it is easy to be able to create new shows as the first audience can give you relative feedback regarding your new show. You can easily indulge your target audience on the idea of setting up another show with the proposed topic of interest to determine whether it would gain traction among your listeners.

Another benefit of having multiple shows in your podcasting is that you will be able to expound on the topics that are typically restrained owing to their diversity. You will find that the audience might be very much interested in a specific subject area that you might not be able to discuss  in your current subject matter. The same audience will give you their respective feedback regarding the new topics of interest that they might like to indulge in. Either way, its a win win situation as when the topic does not attract listeners or traction, you can simply switch to the subject matters from your initial podcast show in which the audience loved.

Again, having multiple podcast shows allows you a great diversity among your audience where you will be able to talk about majority of the things that your wide audience coverage would love to hear. Furthermore, you can target specific topic areas of interest among different users within your audience such that all your audience will specifically subscribe to their preferred topic areas. You will also be able to grow a large audience which might be advantageous when considering commercialization of your podcasts for your business or brand.

Let’s now take a look at some of the best podcast hosting providers that are able to host multiple shows under one account.

Best Podcast Hosting Sites for Multiple Shows

There are hundreds of podcast hosting providers that able to host multiple shows under the same podcasting user account. Nonetheless, most of them have different feature usability and functions that vary greatly depending on the relative use of your podcast shows. Even so, i have analyzed and clearly delineated six of the best podcast hosting providers in the industry.

  1. Buzzsprout
  2. Captivate
  3. Transistor
  4. SimpleCast
  5. Podbean
  6. Castos


Buzzsprout is no doubt the best podcast hosting provider that can host multiple podcast shows under one user account. Buzzsprout is so much advanced such that you will be able to get different directory listings, public pages and individual RSS feeds for either of your podcast shows.

Buzzsprout enables you to easily manage multiple shows from a single login. This way, it is perfect if you have a network of shows or sites that you need to talk about. Even further, you can also decide to help out a friend, a startup business or brand by using your already existing audience. These are just but a few benefits that you will be able to enjoy when hosting multiple shows in one podcasting user account.

To be able to effectively create and manage new shows for your podcasts on Buzzsprout, you will have to go through the following easy setup processes:

Create a New Podcast on Buzzsprout

On the top right corner of your navigation page, you will be able to see ‘My Podcasts’

creating a podcast with Buzzsprout

After clicking on ‘My Podcasts,’ navigate and click on ‘Create New Podcast’

More than one podcast hosted on Buzzsprout

Its that simple!

Now all you have to do is give your new podcast a name.

The new podcast will essentially have a its own RSS feed, a different Buzzsprout website as well as a different billing plan. This is because, despite accessing both podcasts from one account, the podcasts cannot share the same upload allowance as iterated on Buzzsprout hosting policies.

Switching between podcast shows

Once you have successfully created your second or third podcast, you can be able to easily access each podcast individually through toggling in your hosted podcasts for your specific account. All you need to do is navigate to the top right corner of your podcast page and click on ‘My Podcasts.’ You can then select the podcast that you want to work on, from the podcast list displayed under ‘My Podcasts.’

If you did not know that you can host multiple podcasts under one account and ended up having two or multiple accounts for different podcasts on Buzzsprout, you need not worry. Buzzsprout has simplified things for your ideal service provision requirements. You can simply contact Buzzsprout by emailing both your podcast details to Once Buzzsprout verifies that both accounts belong to the same individual, they will combine the podcasts and list them in a single preferred account.

Get started on the free or the paid plans by Buzzsprout here.


Captivate is another great podcast hosting provider that offers multiple show hosting for you. Captivate has been in the podcasting industry for many years and thus has vast experience with hosting podcast shows. Captivate have an easy interface that lets you easily integrate with the various features that you can use to deliver high quality podcasts. Further, you will be able to easily develop content for your podcast as the interface is simplified such that you do not have to put much effort into the delivery of the podcast. What’s more, you can be able to access any of these features instantaneously.

Captivate also enables you to invest in your impression. In a world of interconnectivity and information, it is essential that you have an appealing impression when reaching your target audience. Else, you will have a hard time getting people to focus on your podcast media content. Captivate has well structured flexibility features that enable you to use it on any device. Even further, you can be able to change your theme to suit your topics. Even though this is limited to changing the various color gradients, you can still successfully manage to create an impression of your topic of discussion.

Captivate hosting for multiple podcast shows

Captivate to success…

Captivate lets you host as many members as you can as like Buzzsprout and Podbean, it has no user limits. Therefore, this means that you have the availability of hosting more than one show in your account without compromising the hosting plan service provision. You will find that Captivate will lay out of all these features on your website, and with customized great looking podcast player embedded in the website.

Here are some of Captivate’s features that make it an ideal podcast hosting provider:

  • Batch uploading
  • Scheduled podcasts
  • WordPress integration
  • Customized plugins
  • Advanced smart UI features
  • Sponsorship Kit PDF

Managing Multiple Shows with Captivate Entails…

You will find that it is very easy for you to get acquinted to the website or podcast app interface because it is very easy to use. Here you will find the ‘My Shows’ tab in the navigation bar at the top of your screen. Here you can jump right away to managing your show or even add a new show. When creating a new show, you will be able to include different show names and cover art such that it would be easy for you to identify which shows you will managing at any given moment.

To create a new podcast show, click on the ‘Add New Show’ button. Once this is done, you will be redirected into a creation flow and orient you on where you want to begin creating your show, either by creating a new podcast or importing a podcast show from another host.

What’s more, Captivate let’s you host and manage multiple shows under one account at no extra costs. This means that you can be able to create a series of podcast shows with various topic niches with an easy sorting and managing tool with Captivate.

What’s not to love about Captivate? Check out the full pricing and get started with a 7-day free trial here.


To begin with, i have to mention that Transistor is a relatively new podcast hosting provider in the industry. Even so, Transistor has managed to be among the top podcast hosting providers as it provides a variety of great podcasting features at very cost – friendly prices. It is no surprise how Transistor has been able to capture brands and establish strong brand presence in their podcast hosting service provision.

Even on a really professional level, Transistor has great podcast analytic tools that enable you to carefully track and analyze the progress of your podcasts. In fact, Transistor is majorly directed towards serious podcast users. However, this doesn’t have to scare you, it only means that Transistor is commited towards improving the quality of your podcasts to reach even professional markets.

Some of the additional Transistor features include:

  • Extended podcast website
  • Excellent podcast statistical data
  • Private podcasting availability

Now imagine having the availabilityof all these great features and being able to utilize them in hosting multiple shows. Transistor enables you to host multiple podcast shows under the same account and at the same pricing tier for your selected hosting plan. You will even be able to add other team members in your podcast shows when you subscribe to higher hosting packages. You will be able to include sound producers and editors toimprove the quality of your podcasts.

To host multiple shows on the same account, Transistor does not limit your creativity and you will be able to host these shows under the same pricing tiers for as long as the download limit has not been exceeded. Of course moreshows means an expanded listening audience to your podcast. Furthermore, you will comfortably be able to experiment with new concepts and choose a theme that most resonates with the topic of discussion.

Furthermore, as different members of the audience have different ways in which they digest the information that you are sharing on your podcast shows, it is possible to create multiple shows with different timings such that they will be able to cater for different target audience groups. You can enroll with Transistor for as low as $19, which allows you up to 10,000 downloads. This is a pretty adequate number for any serious podcasters looking to build a brand.

They say prevention is better than cure and that is the case even when it comes to podcasting. Transistor offers you a good deal by making it available for you to be able to access all the relevant podcasting features in their free 14 – day trial version. By then, you should be sure whether Transistor is the best podcast hosting provider for your multiple shows.


My list of best podcast hosting providers for multiple show hosting would not be complete without mentioning SimpleCast podcast hosting. Not only does it have ideal pricing tiers that are cost – friendly, but also includes the relative APIs that are very helpful in delivering high quality podcast shows. In fact, SimpleCast has been voted to have one of the most attractive podcast players embedded in their website.

Even better, you will find that you can get a whole load of advanced analytics with simplecast. These advanced analytics make it easy for you to be able to manage multiple shows in your podcast. Interestingly, you will be able to analyze the podcast analytics such that you can compare the analytics between various shows under your account to determine the relative differences and improve the quality of the podcast.

Again, you can host multiple shows under one podcasting account without paying any additional charges. SimpleCast has made it possible for you to utilize the service resource provision that will enable you to use the same resources under one hosting plan when hosting different podcast shows. In fact, you can even improve the quality of your podcasts by adding other team members such as the sound producers and editors, who are valuable towards improving the quality of your podcasts, reach out to your audience and meet podcasting professional standards.

SimpleCast lowest pricing starts at $15 per month, which is cheaper that Captivate or Podbean, whose hosting services start at $19 per month. Even their highest pricing tier of $35 per month isalso pretty much affordable considering the exquisite array of features that you can be able to use to better the final output of your podcast. You will also be able to use any and/or all of these features in multiple shows hosted under the same account.

Podcasting users will there be able to reach any of your shows through SimpleCast’s customized website or applications as long as you are within the elastic limit. There is a 50,000 download cap for every episode per month and even for the most serious podcast users, it is difficult to come close to this limit. Therefore, this means that you can be able to create multiple shows without worrying about the cap limit on the number of users who will be able to access your podcast shows. You need only worry about creating interesting content within your preferred topic niche to expand your listening audience.

If you do not think that all this possible, you should subscribe to SimpleCast’s 14 – day trial version. The trial version lets you explore various aspects of the podcasting features before you can actually pay for the provision of advanced podcasting services. This is also a reassurance for your investment and especially for novice users or startups, so as to avoid making the wrong choice of investment.

Get started with Simplecast here.


We have to consider Podbean as one of the best podcast hosting providers when hosting multiple shows due to a number of reasons. Podbean has even been voted to be the best podcast hosting provider among other podcasting companies in the industry by multiple podcast users on the internet.

I think that Podbean is very much preffered by a majority of individuals on the internet because it not only has a wide array of practical podcasting features, but also has a very simple interface that is very easy to use. It does not even matter whether you are a novice user or an expert podcaster; Podbean is just the right tool for you.

Podbean’s ideal hosting feaatures make it very suitable to a wide range of users in the industry. What’s more, you can get free hosting solutions that enable you such that you can test out the various feature tools and determine whether Podbean is really worth all the accolade from other valiant users on the internet.

Imagine a podcast hosting provider that is well integrated such that you can be able to publish your podcast shows on virtually every podcasting platform on the internet. Further, imagine being able to monetize these shows such that you have a win – win situation. Not only do you get to enjoy podcasting to a wide target audience, you also get paid for doing what you love doing. Podbean will even share your podcasting handles and RSS feeds automatically to renown social media platforms that pull in a lot of traffic for your podcast shows.

Further in, you will find that Podbean not only has the option of hosting mulitple shows, but also lets you specify the nature of your show (Is your show a public or private channel). Therefore, this means that you create elaborate private podcast shows aimed at a specified target market, and restricting access to unwanted or other third party affiliates. This makes it a very powerful tool when hosting corporate or brand managemnent.

It is because of this precept that Podbean enables you to add different team users and even has the position of admin users who help out in not only consolidating the elements of the podcast shows, but also elements of the organization as a whole. What’s more, you willbe able to effectively and efficiently track the progress of your podcast and the podcast ROI through the advanced analytic tools offered by Podbean. This way, you can tell whether your podcast is profitable or counter – productive. You will even get to narrow down on the individual elements that derail your expected progress.


Castos is perhaps one of the most professional podcast hosting platforms that focus on hosting mulitple shows. In fact, they refer the multiple shows as to a ‘Series’ of podcasts. This is made possible by making sure that every single part of the series has its own customized RSS feed that uniquely distinguishes it from the rest of the shows.

At Castos, you will actually be encouraged to explore into different topics so as to create a series of interesting shows that will eventually capture a wide market niche. Further, as the hosting provider stipulates, it does not want to limit your freedom and thus makes it possible for your to experiment with different styles and topics, thereby improving your delivery and the quality of your podcasts in the long run. When you visit the article, Working With Podcast Series, you will get an exclusive step by step of how to work with podcast series and utilize them in order to achieve your overall goals.

Castos is able to handle the creation of multiple shows and even podcasting series under a single account because of their unique feature availability. You will find that from the time of its inception, Castos has been offering unlimited bandwidth and storage such that you do not have to worry about pointless limitations during your hosting experience. Therefore, this means that either one of your shows will share the same privileges and work seamlessly in achieving your podcasting goals.

You can create new podcast shows under the same Castos hosting account through the following easy process:

1. Log into your Castos account

2. Click “Add New Podcast”

3. Name your podcast

4. Add a new episode

5. Complete the podcast’s RSS feed settings

6. Submit the RSS feed link to podcast directories

7. Customize the podcast’s webpage and subscription links

8. Repeat the process for subsequent shows in your podcast series

All in all, despite being able to create multiple shows, what users really love to hear is your ideas and thought expression. This is the basis of any if not all, great podcast shows on the internet.

Podbean vs Captivate

Captivate is yet another great podcasting alternative to Podbean. It is worth noting that Captivate have been in the podcast industry for years. This means that as compared to Podbean, Captivate has a great deal of experience within the industry. The podcast hosting platform hosts thousands of podcasts over the years. Recently, it introduced features such as the ability to set or schedule a publishing time for your show.


Even from their dashboard, Captivate clearly indicates that they have not only carefully considered most podcasting elements, but have also created a very simple interface that makes it easy for you to access relevant podcast tools and features. In fact, Captivate has a great deal of tools that are ready for use instantaneously.

All of Captivate’s hosting plans have the following features:

Furthermore, Captivate has emulated Podbean’s flexibility feature as you can be able to use Captivate on any device. Not only do you get to use Captivate on any platform, you can also change your theme such that it represents your podcast topics. As much as the theme customization is limited to changing the color only, you can still be able to reach your target audience and create a profound impression before they even listen to the actual podcast.

As if this is not enough, you will find that Captivate beats Podbean with regards to the outlay of the website features. Captivate has a great looking website as well as a great looking podcast player that is easily integrated in other podcast hosting platforms as well. What’s more, Captivate can be able to direct you where you want through their in-built CTAs (Call To Action) feature. Even better and much like Buzzsprout and Podbean, Captivate has no limits as to the members which can be hosted on your podcasts.

Some of Captivate’s unique features that make it preferable to Podbean include:

  • Batch uploading
  • Scheduled podcasts
  • WordPress integration
  • Customized plugins
  • Advanced smart UI features
  • Sponsorship Kit PDF

Where Captivate Excels over Podbean

The sponsorship kit PDF is a recent inclusion of Captivate’s features which enables you to highlight recent episodes and find out the download numbers from the episodes. Whether you are a novice user or an experienced podcaster, you probably know that the more analytic metrics you have regarding your podcast episodes, the more likely you are to improve your podcast quality and delivery.

In addition, I would also say that the new podcast workflow adopted by Captivate allows for creativity and is much better than the previous workflow. The previous workflow made it hard for you to efficiently publish your podcast episodes, an element that created a great uproar among podcast listeners on the internet. Fortunately, Captivate has been able to fix this flaw, which also speaks volumes with regards to their customer support service and response propensity. Captivate takes the feedback from their users seriously and acts upon this information to deliver high quality podcast hosting services.

With regards to the pricing, you will find that Captivate is much pricier than Podbean. In fact, you will find that their lowest pricing tier starts at $19 per month for up to 12 thousand downloads. Even with the highly priced podcast hosting package, this is a high number of downloads, which typically works for more than 97% of all podcasters in the industry.

Another feature that makes Captivate a suitable alternative for Podbean, possibly even a better alternative, is the fact that it does not limit the core features provided to its users. This is regardless of the current plan that you are subscribed to. This feature is not common not only to Podbean, but also in most of the top-rated podcasting platforms as well.

Podbean vs Captivate Pricing

Podbean has cheaper pricing plans and a free-tier plan that allows you storage space of 5 hours per month. The cheapest plan of Podbean is $9 per month, almost half that of Captivate. On the other hand, Captivate’s plan are more expensive with the lowest one costing $17 per month.

Below is a snapshot of Captivate’s pricing packages. You can also see more on their website here.

Below is a snapshot of Podbean’s pricing:

You can also read more of Podbean’s plans here or our review of podbean here.